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    Swimming in Transits

    Apologies, attempted to delete.
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    Will conditions improve?

    Moved to predictive astrology!
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    any insight surrounding career/love life?

    Soon as I saw your post, I thought: Gotta be an Aquarius. LOL
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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    No one mentions the fact US/Nato has edged Russia with deadly biological weapon labs. How'd you like to discover Mexico is working on an army of death bugs in 50 labs festooned on our border? neither. One crisis actor after another. Nobody questions Anything.
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    Saturn in houses

    It must be a miracle I got this old. Could it be the painfully acquired self-discipline? Seems to me that at least bits that ugly laundry list most of the population must suffer, sign placement notwithstanding -though it'd most certainly guarantee hardship. Sadalsuud and my trines MUST have...
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    Re: Why do I attract a lot of Virgo males? Sorry, not ALL people are sexual beings, life experience will reveal this. Heinous as rape between men is, it doesn't begin to skirt the devastating experience of women. It is an intrinsic column in the power structure that comprises the subjugation...
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    Can anybody guess what ascendant is this picture?

    Thanks IleneK, I disappear now & then. That's exactly right.
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    Just moved in with narcisstic mother

    Zora, you never cease to amaze me. Qimualaniq, you still haven't told us exactly what qualifies your mother as a narcissist. Funny, you were born just a few days after me, in the same area. Your mother, who was kind enough to rescue you, would refuse you her birth data? There's more to this...
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    Ashli Babbit killed for defending FREEDOM...SAY HER NAME.

    Enfante, Soros, Abramovic, Clinton, Podestas, Obama, pizzagate, et al... Same circus, different century.
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    Ukraine Invasion discussion thread.

    Reading a couple of hateful, misinformed pages prompts me to shoot ahead and mention a few things it seems no one is aware of. It is a long understood principle, not theory, that TPTB/globalists have been planning this (like 911, the plandemic, etc.) These same people own the media outlets...
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    Can anybody guess what ascendant is this picture?

    This is the difference between "astro-lite" forums, where you have dilettantes using what they think is astrology to name their ferret, as opposed to the Art/Science, in which the Astrologer studies the Heavenly 7 to serve the King who hopes to save his empire, lest said Astrologer wind up on...
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    Telepathy and Air Signs

    We don't talk about it. :biggrin:
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    Is that light the end of the tunnel or another freight train?

    Zora: WOW. Incredible what you exhumed. Thank you so very, very much for this.
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    Is that light the end of the tunnel or another freight train?

    Zora, thank you for your response.. The events are deliberately vague, because they're egregious enough to not be believable. I'm not being mysterious, but in the course of trying to simply live, it seems the universe has conspired to see what I'll tolerate, what it can get away with, and...
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    Is that light the end of the tunnel or another freight train?

    I picked it up along the years of study.