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  • HI! I was surpised when I read your comment about Virgo Mars men wanting a stronger woman to lead them... in a thread... you nailed it! And I was wondering why I always bump into Virgo Mars men (Im a scorpio Mars haha) and why they are so passive and I have to lead... hate it! Is there a way to tempt them into leading... :)?
    LOL so whose reading is that? myne or that other guy ??

    and one more i want you to read my full horoscope and let me know about my matrraige and career,
    i want to become a film director as mentioned in the post :). If you can spend some time i shall be thankful :)
    Hi can you just let me know how my married life and about my career? I just saw u'r detailed explanations and i liked it very much. If you have some free time to spend then i shall be thankful to u.
    Hi Ixaee. Thanks for being the first person to offer me a friend request! I just looked at a few of your posts and found them really interesting.

    Best wishes

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