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    Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?

    Thanks much, Osamenor! I'll check all this out. Our composite has Venus tightly conjunct Mars. Her only personal planet connection. I think most of the rest can be explained by my 12th House stellium conjunction including Pluto conjunct Sun = obsessing over secret things. I always just...
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    Is there anything good about the 12th house or is it a permanent curse?

    Interesting--I believe you, but why do you suppose that is? Is it perhaps because of the conjunctions formed in the 12th House? I know there's already another topic here about stelliums in th 12th House, but I guess it's because I'm new to this, I can't ever wrap my head around the particular...
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    Is there anything good about the 12th house or is it a permanent curse?

    Re: Everyone has a 12th house, to Law As a person with a 12th House stellium including Sun and Pluto (square Moon, opposite Saturn), I can tell you this is now my approach, albeit late in life. But 19thLaw, you're not doomed to be invisible. I have 2 planets in the 10th House, along with...
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    Astrology and Physical Beauty

    Really...? My only planet in the 2nd is Neptune. Well, I hear the DSC is what you look for in others. Since your ASC is what people see in you. Your Part of Fortune is all of you--in its luckiest place in the chart. Perhaps it's also what those closest to you see when they look at you.
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    Is this a Virgo Rising thing?

    I'm hoping for me, too! :happy: I'm a Virgo Sun, Virgo rising, self-critical to the point of body-dysmorphic disorder! Self-conscious was an understatement throughout high school. Overbite, high-bridged nose, eyes too close together...Mom's Swedish cheekbones, though, full lips. Imagine my...
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    Astrology and Physical Beauty

    :happy: I'm a writer! And an artist...And have an active imagination--well, a Grand Water Trine if you count Chiron, and some do. But I only realized this was in my chart late in life, though my childhood showed it perfectly. I've come full circle, after a long run through the logical, mundane...
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    Astrology and Physical Beauty

    My Venus is conjunct Mars in Cancer near my MC. Sun conjunct Pluto in the 12th, the ASC in the 3rd decan of Virgo. Empty 1st House. I have harsh aspects, but Venus is good, and Neptune trine Venus, trine or sextile most of my Planets. I heard Apollo and Aphrodite on the ASC meant something...
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    mc aspects and career advice

    Sun is ruler of the 10th, in the 10th, so career minded. But Venus and Mars have you wanting some higher ed, too, something beyond everyday, local business. Or you just like to travel.
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    Pluto in modern astrology

    I think this was a fascinating conversation that I wish the senior members here had taken up! :smile: Pluto as a double-Planet is always at the forefront of my mind, and I'd really like to hear ideas on the ramifications of that for Pluto's meaning and influence. I understand its inclination...
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    All things Pluto

    Thanks for this wonderful description of exactly how I've experienced my Pluto stellium (conjunction to Sun-Merc-Uranus) opposite Saturn and Chiron. It sounds grim, but I credit Pluto with my success in graduate school and my career. It's a little annoying when I get obsessed with things that...
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    Was my grandmother's death from an argument?

    Thank you! You could well be right. I know it's strange to ask about something so long ago. Your observations are helpful.
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    Was my grandmother's death from an argument?

    Oh, I see now. That's a new possibility. But as I understood it, the blood clot developed AFTER she was injured in the fall, from bruises, then moved to her brain. So she was still healthy when she fell. Thanks for your insights on the Houses! :)
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    Was my grandmother's death from an argument?

    Thank you so much! Still, her cause of death isn't in dispute; I just wondered about the cause of her fall. But I may have to explore other reasons for my father's seeming-trauma surrounding this. I just feel sad for him; he's a typical guy, holds stuff in. Thanks again.
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    Was my grandmother's death from an argument?

    Forgive me if I mess this up: this is my first ever horary question. This is not the first time if I've wondered about the real cause of my grandmother's death at age 46, but the event chart represents the exact time I decided to ask the question HERE. My grandmother was healthy, a working...
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    Pluto Aspects lead to narcissism?

    All this rings true for me! Pluto conjunct Sun and Mercury and square Moon. This is all quite new to me, especially Pluto. REALLY nice post, Outer Planets, you put things in a way I can understand a lot better. (I'm following you around these topics...) I have a pretty complicated Pluto, and...