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    Forensic Astrology: Wuhan Coronavirus

    Todays news.......public immunity may be higher than originally thought
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    Forensic Astrology: Wuhan Coronavirus

    Yes, I agree ....studing the progress of the virus, Mars conjunction Saturn (leaving Mercury/Pluto) entering Aqua were DC ruler, Venus is located in 11H there may have been a break-through this weekend? Perhaps, a vaccine or antidote has been found...? It may not be ready yet, or the...
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    Let’s chat about January 12th 2020 and how it caused the crisis

    Yes, sadly this is how I feel about our future too.....Nature, once our heaven on earth has been corrupted into our living hell.....fate? ignorance? karma?
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    Stock Market Crash 11/20/2020???

    .....i want to bump this thread up - because Cecile's questions, fears and final prediction appear accurate when you look at the stock market crash of the last few days Bump!
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    Forensic Astrology: Wuhan Coronavirus

    Using Caroline Luley’s approach to Forensic astrology to study important information around certain events, you first determine whether-or-not the chart being used is viable....and to do this, check if the information in the chart correlates with the facts. The chart being used is the first...
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    Brexit - will England succeed in leaving the EU?

    Bump..... If the EU and Britain (and the DUP) agree a deal and Brexit is done on the 31st, the chart interpretation is right, and it is proof again that Caroline Luley's forensic astrology approach does work - as well for prediction of event charts as searching for missing persons....
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    Brexit - will England succeed in leaving the EU? looks like Brexit will happen and there will be a deal, at least that's how I'm seeing it! …using Luley’s 'Forensic Astrology' method, which can also be used for predicting events as well, one determines whether-or-not the Brexit chart (for Oct. 31, 2019 at 11.59pm, London) is viable -...
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    Forensic astrology: Nora Quoirin disappearance

    ....and AJ how is that working for you? What prediction have you successfully made since joining AW, and shared with us?
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    Forensic astrology: Nora Quoirin disappearance

    Above AJ's break down of the differences between horary & mundane & natal charts. Forensic astrology is a combination of all three....and works. As I mentioned above it worked for AW astrologers here - using Luley's method back 2014 to find the missing chef, Alex Johnson. The Leo ASC...
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    Forensic astrology: Nora Quoirin disappearance

    AJ, it's an argument you can prove? You wanted to help CancerMoonMissy when you were answering her question, so here's an opportunity to show everyone how it's done.
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    Forensic astrology: Nora Quoirin disappearance

    Katydid & AJ Astrology, The Forensic astrology site (listed above) is Caroline Luley's actual blog spot. AJ recommended the Kyron Hormon interpretation, so you both appear to agree that Caroline's new system works....:smile: What's interesting about Caroline's method is that she uses it for...
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    Forensic astrology: Nora Quoirin disappearance

    AJ...i was interested & wanted to look up the mundane chart for 'Kyron Hormon' (interesting name). It appears however that the name is misspelt. The error came from a junior member, Teenytaurus in reaction to BobZemco's post 'Missing 7yr old Boy' from 2010 - where the missing boy's name was...
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    Forensic astrology: Nora Quoirin disappearance

    AJ harsh words coming from someone who still has a lot to learn... From the threads you've started and questions you've asked and your willingness to wait out the result, instead of making your own predictions....I'd say you're intermediate...does not knowing something AJ, make you a bad...
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    What's the hardest transit you've gone through?

    FW; what might help mitigate Neptune's negative influence is to look at the house it rules... You have Neptune conjunct Venus opposing Jupiter in your natal 4H - a very beautiful aspect - but which house does Neptune rule? The house that Neptune rules gives a hint how to deal with it on this...
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    Transiting Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 1/12/2020

    QUOTE: .....I sense the earth moving or slipping under my feet, not on a physical level but a subtle psychic level. This could also have something to do with the upcoming sextile of retrograde Uranus to my natal retrograde Uranus; nevertheless I have an urgent need to lock everything down and...