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  • Hey! I just seen your message now...I'm off to Paris for a few days, when I get back I'll message you, due a catch up! :)
    There ain't nothing like a pint of Guinness at 7 in the morn. after an all-nighter at the keyboard!
    Cheers Mate!
    No, not fish!

    That's the Salmon of Knowledge you're intently gazing upon, my friend. Irish Mythology.
    Well, I didn't make it to the end of the riddle and so I don't know if you're still smoking lol. But wow, 3 angles report back...and Sat crossing the AC, I remember you mentioning that, I look forward to seeing how that works out for you. I'm gonna try get some Warcraft in me and I'll no doubt be on later if you're still around?
    Oh, and I'm the only Irish person here, please keep me sane from time to time!
    well hello! How are things?! Yeah I'm not too close to Pisa so no worries lol. I'll keep away from anything expensive now! So you've started the new academic year? How's that going? I'm still doing an intro-course, I start the serious stuff in Oct. but things are going well now, I can't believe how quickly I've adapted...hey there was a tiny spot of rain yesterday and you should have seen them...everyone cancelling their plans lol a thunder storm and we'd still go down for some milk lol. You know it's very hot here, it's like it's still summer, but amazingly, I'm not burning, I'm tanning...but I like my white skin lol. I'm keeping an eye on Jupiter and Uranus retro, you? Both 27 degrees Pisces...they're still rocking over my natal Merc. and MC. It's the last bang after the retro that brings the light of day no? Hmm. What's going on in your chart?
    Oh you are right, your pretty bedsheets match the painting. Too true.

    The Pope is visiting the UK on holiday. You must be terribly excited. :D
    Good. We need to decorate your room boy-o. Don't they have posters in Eire. Or do u prefer a plain wall to match your personality. Lol! J/K :)
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