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    18 degree

    I just learned that I have my Saturn at 18 degrees, which I have herd may be the degree of sickness or bad luck. In my 10th house. Any insight?
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    Thank for your response Samantha Bean. No I have not, about 4 years go we relocated to Vancouver Washington.
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    Anyone have any insight on my t-square please? T-Square Ascendant in 5° Virgo MC in 2° Gemini Uranus in 28° Aquarius in 6th house Mars in 4° Gemini in the 10th house
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    Could someone help me understand my Stellium in my 10th house plus my Venus. Stellium Mars in 4° Gemini MC in 2° Gemini Saturn in 12° Gemini Venus in 24° Taurus
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    Hello, I’m feeling really stuck in the romantic part of my life, any advice?