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  • Thank you for the message. My PC's power modem went caput so I had to buy another one. So I'm now catching up with all the messages sent to me. Happy Belated Valentine's day.... from LionKing (Dave)
    Thanks, HPG......Actually, I like how you think too......So maybe it is indeed the virgo+scorpio influence.
    Glad to be of assistance...truly you can't go wrong with Clarisse.
    If you think dealing/being aware of Ghosts leaves one open to being thought nuts try dealing with 'Black Magic'...I have been the indirect and direct recipient of it...now that **** is FREAKY!!!
    I've been told not to discuss it publically...to much for most people to handle, so I can't go into detail. I'm just telling you this to let you know that you are perfectly normal...although it would seem you have so 'paranormal talents/proclivities' considering the degree of awareness you have concerning the disincarnate...possibly something going on in your natal 8th house.
    I do hope you get a chance to talk to Clarisse...possibly on one of the many talk shows she guests on.
    May God watch over you and protect you. Dave
    Greetings Miss.
    I read your vent about ghost and feel the need to tell you I lived in the old Folsom Hotel for 6 years [it was built in 1885] here in No. Calif.
    I was bothered by a number of ghosts in that Hotel.
    I was luckily in communique with a remarkable clairvoyant by the name of Clarisse Conner, whom you can find on the internet through a serch engine such as 'Google'.
    She indentified whom these ghosts were and showed remarkable understanding and knowledge of my situation although we had never met and she lives a well over a hundred miles away in the Chico, Calif. area.
    She does charge $ for a session but has specials that allow singular questions at a discount.
    She also does some radio some of which is internet radio and answers questions for free on the air.
    I encourage you to try and make use of this remarkable womens talent for you situation.
    Good Luck, and May God watch over you and protect you.
    Dave Mastry aka piercethevale
    Thanks for the good wishes. I'm having a few more good days than horrendous days now health-wise - so that's good news!
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