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  • That's a good thought! I will get a beer and watch the pre season football game tonight. Then I will drive early in the morning to visit my brother and sister in law for this weekend. Might visit an Oklahoma Casino.... ha!
    V/r LK
    It is HOT! Ha! I have to start getting use to the heat here! But I will. The last job I had had no air conditioning in the warehouse. Whew! It was like working 12 hours with the heater on! It was 95 to 110 in there with no air exhaust. But I understand I have a great chance of getting a job next week with an electronics assembly company.
    So how have you been?
    V/r LK
    I think I got a job with the people I use to work for in the town where my ex currently resides at but the company has another one here in the Dallas area. Ha! Gee the ex is going to freak when she sees the child support check with the old company label on it. Ha!

    I couldn't help it. Hee hee! V/r LionKing
    He once visited a phychic.... to warn her. I don't always drink beer, but when I do... I drink Dos Equis. Hee hee. V/r LionKing
    OMG the one phychic room was awesome hun!! I had the most excellent read last night for over an hr!!!!! Some dude" pegged" up on me...Ill give u Deets later!!!!
    Oh, fun! Your birthday is September 18th... mine is April 18th... we're exactly quincunx, LOL :) One of my BEST girlfriends has the same birthday as you. I love Virgo's!
    for you.

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