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    Anyone has Malefic Planets in the 5th house?

    Yes, Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. And Pluto in 29 Lib 41. All these are ij my 5th house.
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    Understanding Saturn

    For me it's getting more difficult with age. Especially after the first return....
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    If I have Sun in 12th house as an apex planet of my Yod.....

    I'm glad to hear a positive Yod story. For me my Uranus opposition is getting close and it will definitely set the whole thing off. Have you recovered fully from the accident?
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    Charts with no Retrograde Planets?

    That means you have some water and air in your chart. And many squares maybe a grand square :) Are you a Cancer ASC?
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    Placements that are good at punishing toxic people and bullies.

    Mars-Jupiter to fight for the truth and a good Mercury to trick the bullies.
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    Is there anything good about the 12th house or is it a permanent curse?

    12th house Sun and Venus here. The bad thing about the 12th house is that the stuff that it contains it's not yours. It belongs to the collective. The Sun enters the 12th house in early morning when the roads and the trains/subways are full. So the 12th house is very public and impersonal...
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    Charts with no Retrograde Planets?

    That's an easy chart. The native can move forward in life easily.
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    Moon-Mars in Aspect

    I have a tight Mars trine Moon. Moon in Cancer right on the ASC and Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio 5th house. I don't feel that trine (talent) in my personality....
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    Does anyone else hate having Mars in Pisces?

    If you hate Mars in Pisces what about Mars retrograde in Pisces? :)
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    How to know if Spouse will be a foreigner and when will I meet him

    I married a foreigner. Jupiter conjunct DSC in Capricorn and got a sextile from Saturn which is the DSC ruler.
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    Your 5th house and your view on sex and romance

    35yo virgin male here.... 7th ruler Saturn conjunct Mars in Scorpio 5th house.
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    'No success without a good Saturn'

    Hi Lin... Here is my chart: But actually I was asking in general... How can you recognize a 'good' Saturn in a chart that makes the chart bearer successful? :)
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    'No success without a good Saturn'

    Hi all, How can one know that one's Saturn is good or not? Dignities, aspects and house/sign placement. Can you tell us some examples of a 'good' Saturn?
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    Learning the lessons of Saturn before Saturn Return

    Actually I married (a few months) after the exact transit, by the way 🤣
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    Learning the lessons of Saturn before Saturn Return

    Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius on the cusp. Scorpio 5th house. My Saturn aspects everything in my chart except my Pluto-Neptune duet. So in my life everything is Saturnian.