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    Midheaven Square Natal Neptune

    Here it is, attached. Any guidance WHATSEVER, would be immensely, immensely, appreciated. I am not sure if I can convey cleary just how desperate I am in this juncture of my life. Looking for a ray of hope. Love, career and life purpose advice? PLEASE. I have almost no luck left. Thank you, Jesse
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    Musical Talent Aspects

    Which aspects denote musical talent in a natal chart?
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    So I have a strong eleventh house. What does this mean in terms of fame and fortune? Will this aspect help me with the public and my career? Will I be famous?
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    11th house Fate

    So I know 11th house is the house of dreams. How is this house influenced and expressed in the sign scorpio? Is it still a beneficial aspect for my hopes and dreams?
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    Are there any indicators of meeting your soulmate or twin flame?

    Hi. We could do a synastry chart and see how well we match up. that's the only advice I can give you. I'm looking for my soulmate as well
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    Uranus-Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

    What could this mean in terms of spirituality ego and physical appearance. How can I develop these energies?
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    Friendships problem,i don't have friends so far.

    Your sun sign in Virgo will typically indicate an shy psychological makeup who's intesnly insecure and worried about not cutting the mustard with everyone else. This can express itself in isolating ways. Also your venus in scoprio means your intesnly loyal in relationships but highly selective...
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    why iam mentally as well as physically incompetent? read my chart.

    I doubt that you are incompetent. With your sun and Mercury in Aquarius you probably place an idealistic view on knowledge and physical capability. Aquarius tend to go for extremes and braving a strong Aquarius influence means you strive for perfection. You're probably being too hard on...
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    Please interpret my strange chart

    Sure, I suppose I would like to know how this energy is expressed through the eleventh house and this means I'm fated for something. I would also like to know about what my first house Stellium means if it can be interpreted and any other powerful aspects that stand out. And I am a boy. List of...
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    Mars Pluto Sun Pallas Stellium

    I need to know what this energy means and its significance in the 11th house. I also need to know how to develop this energy is a positive way
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    Dragons Head Conjunct Dark Lillith

    Please tell me about this fated degree. I have dark lillith conjunct the north node on the 10 degree of Capricorn in the first house. Spiritually I know this fated degree has significance but what? List of Aspects Mars Conjunction Pluto Orb 2°45' Uranus Conjunction Neptune Orb 3°25' Sun...
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    Pure Scoprio Idealism

    So this my heavy scorpionic chart expressed through Aquarius' idealistic house. Please tell how this plays out in terms of fate, friendship, and fortune.
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    Mars Pluto Sun Pallas Stellium

    Please help me with this messy energy that comes with this aspect.
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    Midheaven Square Natal Neptune

    Please help me understand what this apsect means in terms of what Midheaven represents and how it is affected by the gentle hand of neptune.
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    Mars PLuto And sun conjunction supercharged aspect

    So I have a tight conjunction of Pluto Mars And Sun in scoprio. Could anyone give me a little detail on how this energy is expressed (paticularly in the 11th house)? Any help would be appreciated. Conversation is encouraged. -jesse