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  • hmm. you know how i mentioned how im not that practical when it comes to work, even though i have three capricorns in the 6th house. so im supposed to be a "workaholic", but its neptune, uranus then saturn. so i guess there is a bit of impracticality to it, i guess i am almost constantly thinking of work in some form. i dont know if that is correct, or if its really just the neptune spell for tauruses. thanks though. im starting to put to together more.

    I have left a last post for you to read and I

    will be finished for tonight. You have a good

    prediction there.

    I will see if I can do some more for you over

    the next couple of days.

    Remember your a predictive astrologer now. lol

    with regards

    Your Friend Ptolemy
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