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    To answer your question, my mother got into astrology because of a dream she had the night I was conceived in which she says that I came to her and told her she had just gotten pregnant with me and that it was important for her to learn several esoteric subjects, particularly astrology, so that...
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    Sun, Mercury and Venus conjunct w/ South Node in 9th House

    Recently I was researching my True Node/ South Node in houses 3 & 9 and noticed that Pluto retro was the only planet in the third house (Libra) but my South Node in the 9th house (Aries) was with my Sun, Mercury, and Venus and was wondering how that might effect my interpretation of my nodes.
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    Retrograde planets in my chart

    This is particularly relevant for me as I have Saturn retro in the first house (Leo), Uranus retro in the 4th, Neptune retro in the 5th, and Pluto retro in the 3rd with my True Node. I know all that has to mean something but Idk what.
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    Helloooo 😁!!

    Welcome... I am new here as well but I can tell you that Neptune aspects in your natal chart is likely related to your love for science fiction as you described it.
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    I'm new here but not to astrology. My mother was an amateur astrologer and she passed her love for astrology on to me. I'm here to get some input on some things and hopefully answer some questions. See you in the threads!