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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I asked about discord between siblings I leave the page of coins.
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I asked if my daughter will move away from California I leave the 2 of pentacles
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I asked a question about travel this year. 4of pentacles is concerned with money and security so perhaps I can afford to go. I leave the King of Cups.
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    EU -can someone help?

    Estrellero I have only just read your interpretation of the EU vote result posted well before the event,and am most impressed. You are a very good astrologer.
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    UK referendom on EU membership

    Well Katydid,I do not regret my vote or the result as I have wanted out for some years,ever since it was clear what the EU was about. Must say a bit disappointed that so many remainers are getting up a petition for a second referendom,as they sure wouldn't if they had won. Neither do I...
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    will UK leave EU

    I think you have misunderstood my post probably my fault because I said 'here' meaning UK and you may have thought I meant US. Gas is much cheaper in US for whatever reason .Yes you could not do without a car in US ,just to buy a loaf of bread is a journey. I worry what happens with people who...
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    will UK leave EU

    Dear Angelik, I also have experience of the USA my daughter lives in California and I visit twice a year. Petrol(gas) is much cheaper there than here always has been also their electricity bills.But remember our energy companies eg. EDF are French owned and we pay a premium . A pedicure cost me...
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    will UK leave EU

    Angelik you are so wrong We voted out so that young people could have better opportunities .What opportunities does the EU offer? To be able to work abroad?People have always been able to do so. You can retire to Spain .We have a villa in Spain it's been in the family since 1971 and we will...
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    UK referendom on EU membership

    I wonder if anyone is interested in this.I have an old software program which will give a prediction on any given date and time for a personal horoscope.It contains a chart for England the country among many for famous people. I brought up England's chart for the day of the vote 23rd June. This...
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    this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

    I have been reading the very intelligent posts on this thread from both points of view. I have read up a little on this subject when my Grandchildren were due for their vaccinations.Both my daughters'opted for the single shots rather than the MMR.This was at the time Andrew Wakefield was...
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    What's the best and the worst Sun, Moon and Asc?

    I cannot agree that mercury in pisces have mental impairment or communication problems or afflicted ability to think and present yourself. At the risk of sounding smug(must be my sun aries) I am highly intelligent and communicate extremely well especially the written word.I have often said I...
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    Physical attributes and the signs.. can you pick it?

    Do you know what?As much as I think there is a great deal of truth in astrology(although not an exact science)the thing about appearance I cannot ever find an example that fits the general guidelines. I am Aries sun,sagittarius rising,and moon capricorn. Female slightly built 5ft 3in and very...
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    Hello from a fire sign! :)

    Aries sun sagittarius rising here.Hi ya pleased to meet you.Still learning.:unsure:
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    Thank you for the ten of cups. My question concerned a friend who is having chemotherapy at the moment and is struggling and feeling very unwell.I hope for her to come through this ok. it seems this card is optimistic for the long term and that everything will work out well.Peace and...
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    the thank the universe thread

    I thank the Universe for My Husband My perfect children My dog Kara and those gone before her My circle of friends Good health and the return of the cat Fluffy.:happy: