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  • Hah!! So you're sneaking peeks every now and again. I miss your intelligent posts. And your humour. Definitely your humour.
    New kid on the block(3rd Oct.1934,23:59 Cork city,Ireland) ,currently in London,Ont, Canada.
    Looking for your veiws on mid points accuracy in Natal B/charts.
    Can you help me???
    Hi Lovely =] Missing you. Sorry I fhave been so busy. I think about you a lot. I hope you're doing well.
    Not necessarily the same days.. But yes, afternoon at your end, almost everyday or so..
    hi karen, though you'er not online here.. Will you come online tomorrow at yahoo?? the same time we were chatting last time :)

    Else, how's everything at your end?
    let freedom ring...

    Hi Freedomlover,

    I posted a new horary question. Could you please take a look at the chart. I like the way you analyze horary charts. Plus, you have been very accurate with other horary charts of mine in the past.

    Thanks so much,
    The other Freedom Lover doesn't have any friends, so I just thought you didn't accept friend invitations. I didn't even realize I had sent the invitation to someone else untill I got your invitation. Yes, mercury cleared it all up.
    Thank you for befriending me! Did you know that there is another member with the the name freedom lover? I sent that person a friend request a couple of months back thinking it was you.
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