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  • Thank you very much.. That is, in part, my own opinion about the natal chart, and of course, Carl's quote, is Carls LOL.. he is a very interesting "mystic" that actually was able to better intergrate the less accepted "mystical realm" aspects to the mind with the more widely accepted scientific approach to world of psychology. The mind is truly like an iceberg, we only see the top out here and the rest is hidden...not unused like some used to think.. just hidden... difficult to understand and explain with such limited scopes the world chooses to view it through. It certainly is not the rational parts most likely, but just as important and much more vast.
    "Your Natal Chart is a fated foundation in which, by and large, the house (called your life) you build upon it is strictly up to you. Fate and freewill. Do the best with what you have been given. "That which we do not confront in ourselves we will meet as fate"...Carl Jung "

    I'm diggin the quote!
    Hey Donna,
    Well your sure welcome there. I know you have a great deal of enthusiasm for astrology already and Uranus being on your Ascendant...Astrology should fit you like a silk glove. I believe you have great potential.. not only in your chart, but just from knowing you what I do personally ... All the best my friend ..Ralph
    Yeah, the universe is a wonderous thing! One would think there could be other life forms out there. As basic or as complexed as the ones here. The distances are so unfathomable though. What I believe is really glamorized is their ability to come here or we going there. I do not think any one of them will be showing up any time soon or we on theirs. If so, LOL I am wrong! Until that day, I will be not be overly optimistic about it. Things certainly do have to be "so-so" for us to live on this planet. It is a special thing.. our planet. A literal shot in the dark that conditions are right, and are not ideal anywhere else in the solar system. There has to be other inhabital planets out there, but how many years would it take to get to them.
    Take care Charm
    I'm glad you liked the pictures. Millions and millions of galaxies, all with their own planets - that is what follows on next from the planet sizes...

    The infinite numbers of galaxies is the universe's way to compensate for the incredibly minute possibility of creating planets made of the right composition (including water), at the right size to hold an atmosphere, at the right distance from the sun to not be too hot or cold, with not too much or too little gravity, and with a liquid iron core to produce the magnetic field that protects it from solar winds which otherwise would strip away the atmosphere - all of which allow that planet to support life.
    The Earth is very special and rare, but there are bound to be a few more planets like ours somewhere out there, probably not exactly the same as nature is so diverse.

    This is so typical in nature, like when thousands of turtle eggs are laid on the beach because so few of the baby turtles actually make it to the water.
    Franklin, that is a nice profile picture, you should use it for your avatar also.
    I think it shows your Cancer Moon.
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