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    Lost cat

    Re: Little cat missing Here it is, the horary for the question “will Leia be with us for as long as she lives?”
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    Little cat missing

    I will think about horary and post it. I asked two times in the several days, but it was either too early or too late (first and then last degree Asc). I don’t trust myself a lot in horary, because of what I know and can’t “unknow”: for instance I know when the moon is void and I’ll avoid asking...
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    Little cat missing

    Hi, Leia was born at the solar eclipse in Virgo, on the 1st of September 2016. The Sun and the Moon at 10 degrees Virgo were exactly opposed by Neptune in Pisces and squared by both malefics in Sagittarius. I took her from the animal refuge in November that year. Since then she lived in our...
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    Did Paul McCartney Die In 1966? Ringo Claims It's True!

    The only problem with this absolutely charming though creepy urban legend is that the double must have been a musical genius, cause he composed some really amazing stuff after 66. Let’s imagine that it was John composing everything (and giving up the credit for it, which would be a total joke)...
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    Read my friends synastry and composite please 😇

    Re: Is there any future in this The synastry For me, the most problematic aspect is the Mars and BML conjunct Saturn. Saturn’s sour spot is irritated by what he perceives as Mars’s cavalier or rebellious attitude. In Aquarius and conjunct BML, this Mars doesn’t want to submit to society’s...
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    My MOON in partner's Stellium

    I don’t know if I would interpret your planets in his houses, as we are not sure of his ascendant. But the aspects tell us that he likes you and wants to protect you. You already saw that he could do surprising or out of the blue things, but with good intentions. Maybe someday, when you know...
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    My MOON in partner's Stellium

    The Sun always likes the Moon in a synastry conjunction. Jupiter should cheer her and always give her credit. Mercury conjunct Moon assures good communication of feelings. Pluto and Uranus might be a problem, unless you like controlling intensity and shock. It depends on which conjunctions are...
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    You are Mercury. The matter is a 3th H matter, which is in Scorpio so it has Mars as its lord. Mercury and Mars are in exact trine, with Mercury being in its own domicile. The line is open! The girl would be Neptune, the Dsc being in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, so she might be a little foggy or...
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    Abortion help needed

    You have natal Moon conjunct (out of sign, but conjunct) BML, which is located in Leo, general significator of the 5H. In Jewish mythology, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Because she refused to submit to him, she was exiled. Jewish culture demonized her and so she became the devourer of babies...
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    Abortion help needed

    An old and dear aunt of mine had a number of abortions. I don’t know her time of birth, but she had Moon conjunct Pluto in Cancer. The Moon, Cancer and the 4H along with Leo and the 5H, are something to watch for all things related to pregnancy and children.
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    Will I ever have children?

    Hi Dreambaby, We have to consider transits to the Moon and to the 5th H: the natal (Virgo), but also the lunar one (Leo, fifth from the Moon), since we’re talking children. Maybe I’d also look at the 5th H from the Sun.A chart would be better to look at. You experienced the very shaky Uranus...
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    Each Sign’s Drug of Choice

    Binge TV watching is a valid addictive activity with escapist virtues, like drugs. So I’d say: For Virgo: news and debates till everybody drops dead. For Pisces: supernatural and freaky shows. For Libras: romantic comedies. For Aries: rugby and football because the couch sport is the best...
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    Natal placements and being polite/good etiquette

    You would’t know him. But as I checked him, I «*stumbled*» upon Savonarola and Mahomed Merah, having the same aspect.
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    Natal placements and being polite/good etiquette

    Indeed it was a Libra Sun in aspect to Mars. Faint memory but I checked it.
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    Natal placements and being polite/good etiquette

    Mars retro has difficulty with healthy serf-assertion. A lot stays bottled and then we witness difficult to control bursts of anger. Passive agressive behavior is also common with retro Mars. Sometimes it can reduce stamina too. For a, say Pisces, that could be less important. For an Aries Sun...