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    These are supposed to be the best months for my career but...

    I recently experienced a lot of setbacks in my career. It has been a real rollercoaster, like 1 huge step forward and then 3 steps back... Everything seems terrible, but then a dream come true happens out of the blue...then it falls apart dramatically again . I wonder if there is something in my...
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    Capricorn and the sixth house

    Thank you very much for your reply, very interesting indeed! [/FONT] Weird diseases is not your neptune - it is more about your uranus- ruling your 8th house. 8th house is a.o. others genetic physical heredity from family members and predispositions for health issues.. And 8th house is about...
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    Transits affecting professional change ?

    Hello, What would be your interpretation of the following transits? These are some of the transits I have until about 2023. At the present, there is a lot going on professionally (a potential career change, wondering whether I should take the leap). Chiron conjunct Midheaven Uranus in the X...
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    pluto at 18 degrees

    Hello, What are your opinions on Pluto in scorpio at 18degrees, 4th house? The combination of pluto and 18 degrees is kind of offputting, even though I'm don't believe in anaretic degrees/sabian symbols much. [please upload a chart to the AW Forum or upload a chart to a link site ( is...
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    Please read my chart, I feel very strongly about something

    Post deleted Please delete my post, thank you.
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    NN at 29 '

    Hello, Thank you so much for your reply, very interesting, I'll have to read more about Sabian symbols (I've read an interpretation of the 29° that wasn't particularly positive, but it didn't seem quite legit). I actually asked about the 29° because I read about critical/ anaretic degrees. My...
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    NN at 29 '

    Hello, It's: True Node, in Capricorn,29°41'43, in house 6 direct
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    House positions/placidus

    Hi Lin, I have uploaded an example! Thank you.
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    Capricorn and the sixth house

    That sounds about right, I'm about to study to become a music therapist. So working in care homes, hospitals etc
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    Capricorn and the sixth house

    Yes I'm not fond of the sixth house themes because it isn't an area I would like to focus on (except maybe the pets) but the reality is that I have to focus on it. A part of myself is happier when I care for people so it would make sense. Neptune in the sixth is spot on for my hypochondria...
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    draconic chart

    What are your views on the draconic chart? Is it of use? I've heard some people can identify with more than the natal chart. Thank you!
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    NN at 29 '

    Hello, What would be your interpretation of a NN in Capricorn, house 6 at 29 degrees? Many thanks!
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    Capricorn and the sixth house

    What would be your interpretation of: Saturn in Capricorn in house 6 Neptune in Capricorn in house 6 Uranus in Capricorn in house 6 NN in Capricorn in house 6 I pretty much fear and dislike the sixth house (I'm a sag, leo rising, sun in 5th house) and I'm also not fond of the sign...
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    House positions/placidus

    Hello, What is the difference between the planetary positions in houses and the house positions (placidus)? Is the latter more or equally important ? Thank you :)
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    It's my birthday

    Thank you so much, it's really helpful! I was born in 1990 :) I've never heard of the quadrants, not quite sure what it means but definitely have a look at it. 'Also - Venus rules the IC and is gatekeeper to that section of your chart. She is with Sun in your 5th house which is very fruitful...