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  • thankyou thankyou..... it has all been a bit stressful, but I can feel I am no longer the same person as I was.... I feel closer to the real me, which is evolving day by day. The struggles I learn to live with in a way that in compassionate for myself first and foremost. I also feel closer to the ground of being the universe god, whatever term....I sense a larger space, and that is deeply fulfilling.

    Blessings XXX
    Hello flea, thanks a lot for your message reg. Kundalini... I am in kundalini since 2000 / as I was born in 1963 it is in the time of my uranus opp uranus, as you describe it...from Barbara hand clow. it cames out of the blue, although i lived with shamans in south america before this time, maybe it came out through this in my case.
    I have neptune chiron jupiter at my 12th house aquarian sun and AC, that is like at trigger for the K,process. most of the time I thought that i will not survive next year, but its going on with life... try to see it as a chance as a rebirth

    greetings to you and
    thanks a lot for your comment, very hepfull indeed, sorry for mistakes I made-
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