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  • Oh, Antikythera Mechanisam, thank you so much, hope in next lifetime I will learn Chinese and Vedic astrology also! Thank you once again!
    Candiceaqua, zezeTheone and PaxMercurius thanks for your kind words and compliments! I am very happy if you can learn something new from my posts!
    Dear Guru, I really appreciated your splendie idea in horary, very elegant and straightforward. You do it like a magic and art!
    oh my god!
    how lucky i am :)
    i am lulus / zezeTHEONE
    oww i am one of the follower of you
    iam still trying to study all of your old posts
    and i decide to never have restylane under my eyes.
    thank you for being here, i luv horary only with you GOCA:)
    I've been reading your horary interpretations, and just wanted to thank you for being so prolific and professional with them in your posts! Really inspiring :D
    Hello Goca, Thank you so much for showing me allot and I want to get back into doing what we do best- there were just other stuff as you know that got into the way. I want to give so much to this forum because you have helped me with all the challenges in astrology!
    Dear Tikana,
    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes! I was in village these 3 days and there I have no Internet so I could not write to you, but now I am back, see your greetings and I am very happy that you remeber me! last year you wish me happy year and it really was! Hope this will be happy year too!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!
    Dear Fensi.. i wish you a very very warm happy birthday! may all your wishes to come true ... hugs and kisses from bankrupt california
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