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    What are some of the Indicators that shows moving?

    is it like moving places, reallocating oneself or what does it have anything to do with astrology it is a tendency more or less that works within to get on with such decision.
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    Family and Remedy

    well i could see very orthodox rules been place and against conservation thought you need to be little comprehensive and conventional
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    Gotta BDay coming up Astrologers!!!!!

    really may god bless you then it seems like it is going to be auspicious
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    How did you get into astrology?

    heard a lot about it and actually started feeling something unusual may be it was superstitious but somehow got into it
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    I don't know what to do with this situation i'm in

    often slow and steady wins the race so you got to be little patient may be she is taking her time to evaluate you through all aspects and if that is the case then you can expect to get into long and healthy relationship.
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    Some Helpful Information

    well i checked the link you got for us and i actually found it very interesting and informative, its was related and relevant
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    Cancers Most Likely Criminals

    i dont take it that way although im not cancer but it is not relevant but since it is from gig point of view i will take it
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    Career and Finances

    there are in fact there is a huge chance of good future if you could put your money on right place.
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    I Am Sick

    is it kind of hint to identify something a i could see my fellow member has assumed it to be a sign of zodiac, does it have anything to do with it
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    Scorpio Man + Taurus Woman = WHAT?

    compatibility between Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman depends on mind set but since Iam aware taurus are passionate and dedicated lover.
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    Heavily debilitated Saturn behaving WELL?

    that is a good news an aspects of saturn if its doing good then what could be more promising
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    Prediciton of marriage

    astrology i believe is for providing some hints or clues which may get right sometime and has every chances to go wrong, so my friend how can you rest your future on the line, are you serious
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    i guess for that you would either have to check with an aviation department or with astrologer team
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    Prediciton of marriage

    nice question, i guess it depends on karma and one cant read an exact scale of your fortune.
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    what is going on losing my hair..=(

    i could see you are giving too much stress to your mind and that is a main reason behind your active hair fall, just calm down and get medicated.