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  • it's been so long, a part of me wants to update all this and another part of me wants to leave it be..because sentimental :) p.s Ok, so I updated a few things :)
    Still got a crush on this emotionality lady, where are

    the Venus transits, progressions when you need them?
    Can 't send you the link because this community is fu.cked. :)
    But search youtube; Chingy - Right Thurr.
    IT'S SO YOU! :D
    Hello... :D
    I've nowt to say, but its good to know someone thought of you.
    That is all,
    No!! I love your random ranting... Continue! I love people who love things!!

    Was with my cousin from Sunday to recently and it was like a vacation. It's funnier watching people arguing then arguing yourself sometimes. I never thought that family fighted. Oh her dad is annoying!

    Only had 4 lessons all together Monday + Tuesday, that's lovely. Still I will have lots of lessons the rest of the week and I HATE the place. It's such a waste of living.
    Found out that the cute teacher is quite the slacker (Libra Venus, Taurus Mars - we did not saw that coming!) "I want to make the most money with the least effort". Oh god. He said that Lawyer was the work that least fitted his statement. Ironic.
    My ex mentor had me as "missing" even if I where on his lesson; He's such a fuc.kass. Must mail my new to inform about that.

    You should continue with the least stressful seedmethod. Sometimes choosing just takes time when you don't really need to be picky. Love hearing from you! :)
    I spitted a teacher in his face today.
    I hate this school.
    I want to quit.
    What should I do instead?
    What country?
    Where should I study?
    I wish you did horary darling cause i'm a troublemaker.
    Thanks! Just screams out girl!

    It is about compulsive shopping , a so called summary response.
    They are so boring!
    You write a summary on an article (boring) (done!)
    Then you write a response (boring, not done!) and I feel like; **** this is going to be hard because by now I am so over it.

    Edit; Oh lord! Have they censor on s h i t? Now it looks like I have written f u c k and I would never write f u c k.:unsure::biggrin:
    I feel very Libra indeed now. I have an assignment to do but I can't pick topic.

    Choose something fun I could write about!

    Edit; Never mind found something. Going to write about spending habits.
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