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    Lost wedding Ring: In my house I think

    UPDATE: No one answered my above post but if you wanted to test your skills I could tell you what happened. There was something good and bad about my wedding ring sadly so if you want to take a stab at it, I can tell you the fate of that ring.
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    Lost wedding Ring: In my house I think

    I would like to know if I am on the right track for figuring out this chart. I am having an issue with finding my wedding ring. I have not left my house much beyond the gym yet there was no ring turned in there. The last place I remember having my ring was on my desk. Occasionally my cat...
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    New kid in town

    Welcome to the forums :biggrin:
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    Things Commonly Said To Your Sign:

    conversation with a Pisces friend: me: people love me or hate me, I can't win them all her: I would never dream of saying the things you say to people. . . me: I say what is on my mind, as it happens her: but people love you me: I know... her: you are arrogant, but very charming...You say what...
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    Is there a sign you get along with better than others?

    I get along with everyone. First boyfriend - Aquarius Husband - Gemini First best friend- Scorpio Second best friend - Cancer Current close friend: Pisces I am still very close with the Cancer, we have lived together, and are very involved in each others lives. I am in a new state and my...
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    Magic 8 ball technique

    Question: Will I get accepted to grad school in 2012? 1. House signifying question: House 9 2. Sign on the cusp: Leo 3. What rules sign: Leo ~~~~ If Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter is the planet ruling that sign, this = a "yes" So, if I have the correct house, then it would mean, YES, I...
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    Sun in the 1st house, is that really a good thing?

    I enjoy my sun in the first house.
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    Signs are dog breeds?

    If I had to associate a sun sign with a dogs temperament, I would go with.... Aries – Airedale Terrier Taurus – French Bull Dog Gemini – Beagle Cancer - Whippet Leo - Boxer Virgo – Corgi Libra – Yorkshire Terrier Scorpio – Weimaraner Sagittarius – Australian Cattle Capricorn...
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    I have never had a proper boyfriend and all my friends are married...

    Which chart is your natal chart?
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    leo stellium

    I can relate, sun/moon/asc/venus, Leo in the First. I guess the 2nd would be quite different than the first, but no matter what, it is a lot of fur for any of the 12 houses. My personal opinion about having Leo in 2nd? I could see a Leo who easily maintains a comfortable or rich living. Leo...
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    Magic 8 ball technique

    Question: Should I go to Las Vegas on Dates X-Z. Result: House 3 Libra Venus (R) Answer: yes/maybe? or, House 9 Aries Mars Answer: No. I guess it depends on what you consider for travel when it is one state to another that is a 2 hour plane ride. It also doesn't go in to detail about...
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    Why cant I remember my dreams?

    Astrology aside, I can speak on the dream part. It's a skill, and while you know you dream, you aren't thinking about them prior to sleep, and think about many other things shortly after waking up (bathroom/coffee/food). I have natural lucid dreams, yet I still do things to practice and keep...
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    worst sign combinations in romance!

    I can only speak for what hasn't worked for me, friendship wise, and I think it would lead me into a road block if I was in the position to date people of the two following signs. Taurus - if I want to fly to Vegas tonight without taking a glance at the bank account...I'm going to do it. I am...
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    A Dominant Intellectual Moon

    Does he have much Uranus contact in the chart? Uranus(R) @Scorpio;5th House Mercury Trine Uranus Saturn Sextile Uranus I wonder...and how about his Mars? Mars Conjunct Saturn Mars Square Neptune His energy? He is usually emotionally drained....all the time, but it has got a lot better...
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    A Dominant Intellectual Moon

    Speaking on behalf of my husbands chart, Sun/Moon/Venus(R) @ Gemini; 11th house. Does it dominate your temperament? It most certainly does as he is very smart and anylitical. The issue, that I see, is that when it comes to meeting people, he is social, but when it comes to jobs, he is...