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  • Hi Effie,
    Been very long since we talked about John Hopkins. I was checking messages in my inbox and revisited our conversation. How are you doing? And what are you upto?
    Hope it is all nice at your end.. Wish you a very happy new year.. :)
    Hi there! I just read in a thread on Conflict in the Chart that you said you're coming to live in Europe? Bienvenue! Benvenuto! Wilkommen! I hope you're settling in very well! I'm Irish but moving to Italy very shortly. :)
    thanx for your reply or pio apla ki ellhnika euxaristwwwwww hehe Tr saturn in 1st house brought misery to me too dispite the good things that happened to my life. It is more the feeling of getting older and living behind for ever the ealry youth of the 25's
    good luck for both of us
    Effie is that greek??? I m from thessaloniki... greece. i saw your thread about saturn transit in your fist house conjucting natal pluto.
    so you are virgo with virgo rising too?????? so am i and i m expecting again saturn to meet my natal saturn and pluto in libraaaaaa pffff
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