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    Lost in career:

    We have some similarities :joyful: I'm studying biochemistry and have an interest in computer programming, but I have a hard time accepting one subject. I want a taste of everything and I think it's because my Neptune is unaspected other than a sextile with Pluto (I believe everyone since 1942...
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    What is the meaning of a stellium in 8th?

    Scorpio 176 - I thought your moon placement was interesting but I'm not a professional astrologist and I enjoy links such as :lol: Anywho, like Miquar already mentioned, the moon opposing the Ascendant or conjuncting the Descendant is a very important aspect in your chart. I...
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    What is the meaning of a stellium in 8th?

    I always hear parents asking whether or not it's better to get a divorce or stick together for the kids when the chemistry is nonexistent. I suppose a divorce is only healthy when both parents maintain a relationship with the children and keep a neutral attitude between each other. I'm on the...
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    Air people with no fire

    Wouldn't say it's much better to have a fire dominant chart and zilch air. There's a lot of energy and ideas, but no way to express it easily - at least that's how I feel. Kinda smolders the flame if you know what I mean...
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    Your Favorite Astrology Sites

    Astrology Scope is a 3D natal chart designed with Adobe Flash Player. The chart itself is fully interactive with a side menu to change house systems, location, time and date of birth. It's pretty nifty :joyful: Unfortunately, I prefer the Whole house system but Equal, Placidus, and Porphyry...
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    Do you look like your ascendant?

    Ha I would think so...I'm a rising Aries with ruling Mars in Scorpio and I have a "tough, headstrong look" - prominent brow and nose. Not sure if I would call it athletic with a solar Sagittarian influence. I know for certain I didn't get my height from that department at only 5'0". I also...
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    Why are the most 'spiritual' countries/people worse off

    I agree with StillOne that the definition of "success" varies from person to person and material wealth may not be a factor. Reminds me of the poem, Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson - the people looked up to Cory because they thought he was everything that defines a successful man, but...
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    What a Woman Finds Attractive…Venus OR Mars?

    Hm, I can't argue this since my 7th house is planet-less and it's in Leo...ruled by the Sun. I think that works out just because I want someone with a similar personality and interests. Or maybe I'm going about this the wrong way.
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    What a Woman Finds Attractive…Venus OR Mars?

    I'm somewhat similar to Naomi with Venus in Capricorn and a lot of 9th house/Sagittarius influences...pretty awesome that she has her Moon and Sun together, I'm jealous lol. I have my Sun in Sagittarius (fire) and my Moon in Scorpio (water) so I feel like I contradict myself a lot. Anywho - I...
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    How Many Friends Have You Lost

    :lol: and now I'm going to hell for laughing
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    What's So Wrong With Sugar?

    :sideways: It's great if you can afford healthy/organic foods all the time...but then again the cost of a root canal tacks onto the bill of cheap processed foods. I'd like to grow a green thumb, lol...
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    5th house and want of children

    5th house Leo and the Sun in Sagittarius - haaaa ok I'm not fond of sacrifices. Adoption might be ideal if I ever decided to raise a young sprout...but I need to raise myself and I don't think I'll ever get there - Peter Pan syndrome. I'll adopt a kitten instead, lol. =^.^=
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    Do you believe in curses?

    Have you ever seen The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson and Gena Rowlands? Basically there's a bit of voodoo magic going on, but until Kate Hudson believes in this magic it doesn't seem to have any effect. I believe that's how "magic" works in general. I suppose if you believe in something long...
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    More than one sign in a house

    Hehe, I tend to "poo-poo" placidus since it throws Pluto, Mars and the Moon in the 7th house of my chart and I cannot relate to any of it...unless you can interpret the 3 planets as taking on aspects of the 8th house since they are all closer to the ending of the 7th and the cusp of the 8th. As...
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    More than one sign in a house

    Thanks dr. farr, I'll have to take a look at both systems. I normally use Porphyry because well...I simply got used to it. In my case porphyry split the houses fairly evenly in my chart, but practically skipped signs in a friend's chart. I might need to re-evaluate my own chart since there...