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  • I feel guilty asking you about my problems after reading about your kidney. Hope it all goes well for you. :)
    Yes, I remember that some issue was going to sidetrack you for a bit (came up in horary). Glad to hear that you are back on list.
    Hey Marinka!

    Thank you for your question about my kidney :) I have not yet received a kidney. In fact I was away from the transplant list for a while, since I had blood in my urine and they had to figure out what it was (which they kind of failed at), but I am now back on the list.

    Most of the predictions were for late May, so I am really crossing my fingers for that. :)

    Many blessings to you!

    I remembered your horary asking about the kidney transplant back in November and wondered how the situation currently was.
    That is one beautiful picture! So calming. Calming flowing water and beautifully crafted earth beside it...:)

    Thank you!
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