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  • Hey! Yeah I just thought I'd add you so we can talk more about this stuff you sent me. I'm going through all the lessons and its pretty interesting so far. I'm learning a lot, thanks!
    Wow. Thank-you. I'm particularly moved by this choice because I really like how it shows how the Earth can communicate desire through flowers and bumble bees and the relationship they have to one another via a desire for life.
    wow. blew my mind. im like a changed person. it was so cool to see how gentle tigers could be with pigs. they juxtaposition here so cool. i really loved it. thanks for sharing! also the cute reference to pigs in a blanket.
    Mother Cat... wonderful person. very sweet comparison to make there Earthsigner. I feel less strange about empathizing with a female dog now. ;) I watched the youtube video, adorable and funny all at the same time.
    oooh i am posting up a storm, hope you are ok with me taking up so much space! love your background/layout here. a very wonderful expression of your venus in aquarius. excellent layout you have here. exceptional. reminds me of when I used to work at Pier 1 Imports and would match things for people. See you do have good taste Earthy!
    Moreover, it is not unheard of in the animal world (alas not the banana world) for Mothers to eat their young, so IF the Cat decided to turn around and make bunny the family dinner for the evening, :shrugs: still kind of natural, if we stretch the system in place here for a minute. It is the domestication that allows this to operate this way, in my opinion, that allows Cats, a natural predator of a Bunny, to instead see the Bunny as a worthy child-figure to the cat. How in the HECK did the Cat feed the Bunny though?! The only opposition I can think to this kind of reasoning here which I am using is how wolves will take in humans, but they are both still carnivores (humans have a choice of course, in this matter, but the message still stands)... can I see this youtube video?
    as for the cat adopting the baby rabbit, yes, I have heard of those kinds of things. If you raise kittens and bunnies together, they actually learn to get along quite nicely. oh the joys of domestication... and the apparent strangeness. But the difference here is that the Cats may eat the Bunnies (not the other way around, as with the Dog and the Tigers), or would still eat another Bunny that had not been adopted, anything is really possible. I mean, would they all have to end up being vegetarians for this to work out ok for everyone involved? ;)
    Hahhaa ok, fair, duped by my own logic based on your astounding examples. I think maybe, honestly, what I didn't like was the expression on the dog's face. I empathized a bit with it. Weird I know, don't tell anyone. :blushes: As for this unity of the "hunter and the hunted," interesting choice EarthSign, now this is magnificently terrifying. A rooster cat? (There is a lot of interesting symbolism in this image). Whoa.
    You're right. Watch out planet, arm yourself with only the finest scratching posts, now available in wider strips, for your Cat's ever-increasing scratching needs. 7 Whisker's Scratchers!

    As for the "freaky animal" picture, be my guest. It just really freaked me out! I was like, those things are eating from what could later be their food source! Scary!
    Awww, now why would pictures of cute kittens be trivializing for me today, or any day? Especially because these are yours! Aw, how adorable and so sweet. As for "natural pictures of love," do remember it would be quite "natural" for starving kittens to feed from a horse, or a cow, or even a dog. It's just strange to me that TIGERS would do such a thing because they would grow up to EAT the very thing that FED them, or potentially so. I just can't wrap my head around that one! You did nothing wrong, you simply crossed a boundary with me (and perhaps I of you with that rather large picture of mine, and I do apologize again!) I did see an image of a golden retriever that had the near-precise markings today of Tiger, so perhaps I'll need to get used to these changes in the "underworld." ;)
    For you:

    what an interesting bird, such excellent plumage. : pets: :bird almost bites her: :withdraws hand terrified:

    here's this, sort of just the thing to go along with it.

    dude it was weird. come on now. that's cross-species contamination. they only do that really with horses and donkeys and for what, MULES? ok fine, MULES are OK but that's it. Mule for you. :cool:

    the kissing picture is so cute. i want one. they look like little love angels. aww my venus in virgo just got so happy. pets picture: thanks friend. i was upset there for a second and those made my day so much better. :)
    hook me up with a link to the videos thread again... i searched and searched and can't find it. thanks :)
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