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    Do first house planets affect every area of life? Personal experiences, please!

    Hi! I have my Pisces moon, Aquarius Uranus, and Aquarius Neptune all in the 1st house. I'm not sure about my 1st house Uranus affecting me in a very noticeable way since I already have the influence of an Aquarius ascendant. One thing about me is that I am bisexual which is something I...
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    Placements that associate with chakra blockages

    Hello! I have been looking into chakras recently and have been wondering if there was a link between one’s placements and their chakra blockages. I have blockages in my third eye chakra and my heart chakra. Since Capricorns are known to be heartless, I had an idea that there were possible...
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    Just aquarius rising things

    You could be the first to create one! I am an Aquarius rising, so that is why I started this thread.
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    Your most emphasized house and how it has manifested for you

    I would say that the 1st house and the 12th house are what mostly emphasizes who I am. My moon, Uranus, and Neptune lie in the 1st house. My sun and mercury are placed in the 12th house. How this overall manifested into who I am is that I am overly introverted. I can also be very self conscious...
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    Just aquarius rising things

    I don’t understand, do you mind expanding your statement?
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    Just aquarius rising things

    I understand that my question could have sounded as if Aquarius risings were better than everybody, but that is indeed not my intention. I only wanted to understand the difference that people saw in the exact placement that I stated because I know that there is always a characteristic that...
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    5th house in Saturn

    I’m a Saturn in Gemini in the 5th and I have never had a relationship (I’m 17 years old) just because I don’t have any interest in that, I don’t plan on having children, I’m normally not good with children. There’s probably some good aspects about it, but can’t think of anything currently haha.
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    Virgo in the 8th house = germaphobic?

    I think for the most part, your sister with OCD is significantly affected by her Uranus and moon in the 6th house. Maybe the Virgo in the 8th adds a bit more to it. But I’m not too sure since I only Just read about planets in the sixth house. I’m glad there’s a connection though! It really helps...
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    It’s amazing to know that you have been on this forum for quite a long time haha
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    Help identifying an ascendant from personality and appearance only (no birth time)

    I’m guessing a Taurus rising. I’ve never met any Taurus people as their ascendant, but based on Taurus suns; the physical description fits perfectly. His behaviors also seem to associate with Tauruses’ sensual and earthy ways. They are unintentionally touchy and tend to be reserved since the...
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    Virgo in the 8th house = germaphobic?

    PSA This is a VERY broad interpretation of this placement that I am sort of trying to understand based on myself and the people I know. I am an Aquarius rising with my Virgo in the 8th house. I have people in my life that are the same as me such as my sister and my friend. Btw their 8th houses...
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    6H and People You See Everyday

    I have a cancer 6th house that is not in any of my planets. I did have a few friends that were either cancer rising or sun, however I didn’t have a deep friendship with any of them. Maybe what it means by “people you see everyday” is the people you often have in your presence? For example, that...
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    Chiron in 11th house - friendships

    I also have Chiron in the 11th house! Based on reading a few of the comments above, I’m surprised that it seems to not be normal to have a best friend for two years until the connection loses its touch. I had really amazing friends in my life (I’m 16), but they always tend to drift off after a...
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    7th house north node

    My dad actually has north node in 7th house Libra. I know my dad used to date a lot of people haha. But a more recent interpretation regarding the north node in 7th house would be, the tendency to staying close with your family, by family, I mean the people that take care of you such as your...
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    Fellas who have Saturn in 5th house.... How's your love life? :)

    Lmao I never once got into a relationship. Could also be because I have Venus in Sagittarius. And I’m 16 years old.