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    How astrology made me withdrawn.

    I’m reading this, now, just about to enter 2020 > How are you now? How are you feeling? What has changed within these 4 years? I too have a Stellium (mines in Virgo 7th w/ sun/Jup/moon/saturn/mercury) I understand. Would love to see if you reply! (As if, Fast-forward future of your post, for...
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    Stellium Chart Reading, perhaps ;) Virgo 7th house

    Oh and THAT was a good one - novel/Virgo! Hahah I ALWAYS write WAY more than I need to!! Hahah write/revise/re read/revise / 1 hour later my email is sent with perfection (in my eyes! Lol) my boss cannot stand it (Aries - of course ;)
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    Stellium Chart Reading, perhaps ;) Virgo 7th house

    I love all the interpretations!! Thank you!! And yes, very true about all of what is said! Per the artistic question, I am an Interior Designer and love event design as well! I love being around people and I do tend to like the administrative side of work as well! I do tend towards escapism as...
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    Stellium : Chart Interpretation? Please :)

    Would greatly appreciate your feedback on my natal chart! My 7th house Stellium in Virgo conjunct my 10th House Neptune (most of the vir planets) make me want to understand more of what that interprets...hmm AND curious what aspects [I may be missing] that show to be quite important for me to...
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    Strengths Finder + Astrology

    Do you happen to have the link to send for us to take the test? :) thanks much!
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    Stellium Chart Reading, perhaps ;) Virgo 7th house

    Hi All!!! Brand (spankin') new here!!! I have been working towards really gaining my knowledge in Astrology for couple years now and As my tool for learning, of course, I use my own natal chart .... However, I believe hearing from the fellow Astro-addicts, much more experienced than I, could...