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    Hi All,

    Hello. I am new here also. I have studied astrology several years, but mostly by myself, not a good way to learn I'm afraid. Questions are the best way to learn. Talk to you later- Donnamo
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    Hello everyone. My name is Donna. I am from the Midwest, U.S. i am a Capricorn with Capricorn rising and a Gemini moon, loaded first house. Someone once told me that the Gemini moon was cursed, any thoughts as to why that might be?
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    Guess my profession

    It was only a guess, using my very limited astrological knowledge. I based this on the fact that your Sun and also MC are both in Cancer, so caring, combined with a Scorpio moon, getting to the heart of the matter, investigative, research.
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    Guess my profession

    Are you a psychologist or counselor?