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  • Oh sorry now seem like am spaming sorry but i just come to mind, do you know about lucifer in your chart? I no idea what it means or what it does, but i do find it interesting that you can find lucifer in a chart xD

    first you go to astro.com
    then you go to extended chart selctions
    then you go down on the pages all the down
    theres a little search box where you type ''1930''
    not sure why lucifer is 1930
    soo yeah my is in 2 house of sagittarius c:

    again sorry hope you find it out, and enjoy this new bit of info ^^''

    sweet kisses <3
    you wanna be architecture sooo cool :3 to make landscapes and stuff seems fun to be able to design a big building, it would be like real big art fantastic~ :D

    am fine thank you c:

    aaahhh sweet kisses back to you darling~<3
    HI Dcps10 am sorry, been stuff going just haven't had time, then i have time i forget what i was gonna do =_= thanks brain XD

    yeah chiron in the 3 house is about communication, part of fortune in 3 house and congjunct ic, the ic is kinda the same as the 4 house isn't it?
    ic has maybe something to do with your past? early upbringing?
    thats great you wanna heal others with communication ^u^
    maybe also you healing others by analzying stuff? Virgo analzy, order or system maybe you can use communiction to help people to get system back into their lifes?
    or maybe use communiction to get people back into reality and not being dreaming away as picses all the time, cause you also do have alot of beautiful picses energy shouldn't that make you able to heal people back to virgos reality? :)
    Well, being near the 4th, happiness would be at home, or at my core, and when I merge in my core I see another one whole world... (i'm studying architecture so I imagine cities and landscapes most of the times

    Hope you're doing fine too ^_^

    Sweet kisses darling <3
    Hi whiteflame! Thank you for sending me this insight on my part of fortune! Well as you see I've been busy lately, and we'll be so till monday.

    I think the PoF, and as it is calculated by the positions of Sun, Moon and Ascendant, it is a point of our map that unites and synthesizes who we are, as well as what makes us happy and fulfilled

    In the 3rd house near 4th might push me to read, to teach, to be connected to the academic world somehow. Also near the chiron, its theme is present too. I like to be able to heal people, to understand them, but only them, not me, I can't heal myself most of the times. I'd like to be able to help people to develop their ability to speak, to comunicate forcefully as it gives people much confidence. We all need to know how to read our feeling for instance otherwise we can't comunicate and explain how we're feeling, and that is a feeling of being lost.
    Btw you have to take the url ( https : ) together like this to make it work ( https: ) if that made sense? like no space in the https to : the : is going to be close to https like https: c:
    i see, i been busy too with work and moving and stuff =u=
    BUT DCPS10! :D
    i found another meaning of the Part of fortune place in the chart, so i found kinda acuracte but i need you opions/ thoughts too (Libra rising XD)

    https ://jessicadavidson.co uk/astrology-posts/part-of-fortune/

    Not only it its like secound ascendant, it can tell where you find your greatest joy and happiness in life Huuuh!? uuuhh!? :)
    Try to see your placement house and sign and mix it to see if you think it could match? c:

    maybe my greatest happyness is to have a harmonizes realstionship as am able to be myself in? P.F in the 1th libra
    and you had your P.F in 1th gemini right? c:

    i hope you been doing good <3
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