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  • Hey wants up. Just wanted to say hi to you. I will write a lengthy message within a couple days
    Hey! Thanks Ada! I think that even though I have done this professionally and would say I became a "professional" in 2013 or so (and I qualify professional because this is not my career and I don't do this for money to survive), I have been looking at astrology for the last 20+ years (only really studied it starting in 2012). So I'm sure that has something to do with it. If you look at it that way it's not very impressive lol :happy: Nevertheless, thank you for the compliment :joyful:
    I was wondering if you could take a look at my chart? According to what you said, Saturn might dampen Venus' looks. I have venus conjunct pluto, trine mars that's conjunct(mars) my ascendant in the first house and venus square saturn but I have venus trine my moon and ascendant...It would be greatly appreciated if I had more insight from you about this since a lot of what you said came out accurate for celebrities. To be honest, I think I'm pretty; but I wanna see if Astrology thinks so. I have a chart but I'm unsure how to send it to you.
    Hi there! I find your thread on physical beauty rather interesting. ;)
    Do you mind taking a peak at my chart in regard to your theory?
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