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  • You are a SOL AQUARIUS, the PEGASUS of the Winged Horse in the Sol Zodiac 60th Sun Harmonic. 25 Degree. How perfect, the Solar Astrologer is one intepretation. The age of Aquarius (now 29 Aquarius or thereabouts) is moving closer towards 25 Aquarius in the coming centuries.
    Thank you for your support to my thread! I realize just how advanced this Zodiac concept is - making a connect between the solar minute of Sun (60x harmonic) and the celestial zodiac cycle of 26,000 years. The same leap of faith brings the quantum relationship of the inner soul and this outer universe "as within, so without." It is also a vertical horizon combined with the horizontal view of the common zodiac.
    I think few comprehend this depth of field nor the scope of their soul relationship to the universe, nor this relation suggested here to the mayan calendar and 2012.
    I realize am attempting to present the spiritual facts across the light of an entire galaxy. Even one who is willing to read and embrace the possibility is welcome.
    Thanks for reading my horoscope :)
    I s there any thing that i need to worry about or any negative effects in my horoscope because of some planets? if anything is there just let me know so that i can do remedies.
    Thank you
    Thanks for providing me an answer to my question ! Lucky you for having a day job to go to. Mine is the one in question, along with minding my 5 year old. :)
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