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    Logic behind the concept of temporary enemies

    I believe this is one of the many considerations of *strength determination* in a horoscope and makes some sense if visualized as a war-scenario in which planets find themselves arranged in two groups, one group (temporary friends) arranged on the side of one army, whereas the opponent army gets...
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    Mercury Dasa what to expect for Saggitarius Ascedant

    Many otherwise modern astrology software (reasonably accurate insofar as calculations go) had been including a 'predictive' module based on ancient scriptural texts and modern sources, but seem to be failing on that particular premise somewhat (in fact quite a bit!). Unfortunately, their...
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    Please stop wasting your time and of all others on multiple jyotish-forums (fora)? Cazimi is not a Jyotish concept and SUN is not a malefic, simply KRURA...? ;-) No fire, no cooked food? That was what I meant -- sorry you got confused, here and elsewhere...?
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    Most of us civilized human beings end up cooking our food before we eat it? Raw Salad lovers notwithstanding...? Yaa sure, FIRE must be respected and from a certain safe distance -- but unless you approach closer to the FIRE, how shall you learn to cook or get fed a properly cooked meal...?
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    Happily married despite rahu in seventh. Kindly analyze the chart

    Do you have access to, permission of and willingness to share the correct birth data of the spouse? That would really enhance the value of this thread and presumably more meaningful participation from dear forum members... Thanks in advance
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    Which planet represents the ego in Vedic astrology?

    Though you continue to show up in this cyber-form with the *banned* label, Pandit ji, Shukra (Bhrigu) was not a goddess but a teacher of perhaps a different kind...? Even Jupiter had to send his OWN son to Bhrigu to learn about sanjeevani? Immortality?? You all I am sure know the rest of that...
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    Which planet represents the ego in Vedic astrology?

    Rishi, Your google-quote also mentions that: "the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity." Egotism (Hitler is often given as an extreme example and so also some modern leaders ;-) ]...
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    Which planet represents the ego in Vedic astrology?

    Some say that venus tempts; mars commits the crime The missing line is perhaps: when jupiter and/or sun are not overseeing mercury...? {Recently on a S.M. platform, folks were arguing about venus=material, jupiter = spiritual and moral, etc. Others disagreed and claimed that sun is the...
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    Which planet represents the ego in Vedic astrology?

    Afflicted venus if associated with appropriate houses can indicate vanity, which is different from ego. Ego is essential for worldly existence and not necessarily bad, rather useful and related with sanity! Ego functions get affected in those that are clinically insane (psychotics). Egotism...
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    Which chart to use?

    There is no easy or single answer to this question. Since you are interested in exploring this matter, and are undecided about which zodiac and system to use, if I were in your shoes (mind-set), I would suggest examining both systems and not just based on traits and personality dispositions...
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    Chandar Grahan

    Eclipsed moon (or sun, for that matter...) is far too localized usually and infrequent an astronomical observation/epoch to explain the high frequency of depression of any and all degrees seen all over the world, and increasingly prevalent over the decades and perhaps longer observation...
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    What is Shani Good For!!!

    Without such experiences, even if not experienced across the board, though it does unmistakably and folks share, why would folks believe in astrology? But others, not...?
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    Jupiter entering Scorpio

    You are very welcome! 6Th sign, 7th house.
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    Jupiter entering Scorpio

    Tropical astrology followers (SOME, perhaps not all?) give much weighting-weightage to transit returns of jupiter and the slower saturn (and retrograde mercury -- but let us not digress...?) It is true that many jyotishis give much importance to sade-satis (saturn returns over natal moon), but...
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    A memorable adage...!

    SURE...! :whistling: