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    The planets and their sexual gender

    No quite old. Very interesting way of approaching things.
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    The planets and their sexual gender

    To be quite honest when taking traditional astrology as a basis I was looking at Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta. I'm not sure what to do with Chiron. When using the school of Ram/APC system I am looking at Perséphoné, Hermes, and Demeter. The trans Pluto planets. But APC is a total different ball...
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    The planets and their sexual gender

    Indeed. If you look at the work of Volguine for instance, I've gone to great lengths to build on that and balance this with a 12/12 system, even taking into consideration things like Gauquelin's work. But if I can't balance the planets the work becomes useless when using things like Dwad or...
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    The planets and their sexual gender

    Yes. It seems that the usage of opposites is key. Nocturnal and diurnal have also been used in this thread. The thing that occupies me most is how it is possible that great astrologers could not find common ground and for example only Mercury is completely agreed upon bij all astrologers. The...
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    The planets and their sexual gender

    Would it be reasonable to say that androgynous planets are masculine in a masculine sign and feminine in a feminine sign?
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    The planets and their sexual gender

    I'm not sure with regards to your first sentence, is this meant in a positive context or negative context?
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    The planets and their sexual gender

    Anyone else want to give this a try? I'm still looking for a complete overview to planetary gender. I'd like to finish my Almuten analyses.
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    If you were born with a PLANET on the ASC - How did your birth go?

    Uranus is a queer fellow, if one goes through the thread you will see that in most cases it leads to a quick birth, that is when we are discussing birth. If you use it with positioning in a relationship it almost always means divorce. With Saturn on the Asc/Desc it usually points to long...
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    Astrology Software

    I spent many years searching and trying all types of rectification methods. I will do my best to find some time this weekend to give you my thoughts and experiences. I would say that there's no really good rectification software to be had. The most important thing about rectification is...
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    Fire, Earth, Air and Water

    In interesting piece, I don't think with such quality posting anybody could be put off. Thank you for you input.
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    Adding Ophiuchus to your Chart

    Be my guest. Perhaps you can point me to the 1/11 discussion.
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    Acceptable margins in birth time errors!

    "Lining up" as you call it has several drawbacks. I will not repeat here what I've said about it, however if you're interested try this on for size.
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    Astrology Software

    You're right when you're right. I happen to be googling on Almuten when I came across this program, I was to say the least, pleasantly surprised. For those looking for a good nay excellent program, that does not need to be installed with many good features, this is the one. You can even throw it...
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    Thoughts on Dignities

    I've never been one to accept Dignities, and there are many other astrologers who have chucked the whole system also. Here is a thought as to how I see dignities, in relation to aspects, elements and qualities and movement through the signs dexter and sinister. I will take the Sun as an example...
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    Angular Hereditary Characteristics in Family Charts

    What it means it proves astrology that character traits are passed on. I have seen this often, and I see it as more then chance. The angular houses play a major role in our life, from family, to relationships, to our employment and public surroundings.