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    Your thoughts on Pluto, Neptune+Saturn, and Uranus changing signs

    Thanks Dr. Farr, I agree with you. For some reason I see Neptune leading the game. How would you interpret Neptune conjunct Saturn in Aries?
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    What will be the best time/date for me to get a nose job?

    I don't see a chart - you must upload it for specific input. In general, make sure that your natal venus is not negatively afflicted, and that any transits she has are positive. Mercury retrograde is a no-no. Also watch out for negative Saturn, Pluto, Mars aspects.
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    How to Predict My Marriage?

    Jupiter, but also slower planets entering the 7th house will certainly trigger your need for companionship, and they can make you search for a partner/spouse more systematically. I've seen this happen to many people marrying later in life.
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    Your thoughts on Pluto, Neptune+Saturn, and Uranus changing signs

    What are your thoughts on four slower planets changing signs in the years to come? Every time one of these planets changes sign it is a big deal. In the next few years we expect MAJOR changes, as all of these slower planets are changing signs. First, Pluto will enter Aquarius. Then we have...
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    Indications of a move?

    You got great input from other astro friends here. Many of these comments I can also attest. Pluto or Uranus on the IC show important and fated relocations. Saturn on the IC and Jupiter conjunct the Sun also affect relocations, but shorter-distance, or short-term, e.g. work-study abroad for 1-2...
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    What are your thoughts on major transits of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus transits

    Hi everyone. Pluto impacts my MC/AC, and ASC/DC, and my home life feels shattered already. What more could happen with these transits? I'd be grateful for your help on future major transits affecting my natal and progressed chart (attached). Please help me interpret this, and I'll happily...
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    Help, tripple whammy Uranus, Neptune, Pluto!

    Dear Zora, thank you VERY much for your great analysis. These are all great points you shared, and I'll study each one - as they merit deep thinking. One last question: in your text I saw Neptune (and the other planets) as fulfilling the natal chart promise. Since people dread Neptune, let me...
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    Which predictive method works best?

    I agree with you about the transits, based on decade long observations. The transits are crystal clear about the timeline, the impact, the forces at play. The more tools we examine create muddy waters - like a cooking recipe with too many ingredients - where in the end you don't know what you...
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    How to Predict My Marriage?

    I agree with Osamenor. Western astrology does not predic the marriage itself. Some additional indicators of meeting someone of "marriage material" include transiting or progressed Jupiter in the 7th house, or in contact with the 7th house ruler.
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    Loss of virginity in the horoscope

    There are many indicators involving the 8th house, but also Venus, Mars, Scorpio, etc. We must remember that losing one's virginity is too specific of a question. In many parts of the world women are oppressed, and while their hormones are flourishing, they remain virgins until an arranged...
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    Is it possible for an addictto have a healthy relationship with predictive astrology?

    Thanks for sharing your story. We come to this life to evolve and improve, so let us use astrology as a nice spiritual tool. It is a healthy way of identifying one's faults, and preparing for the challenges and opportunities ahead. I respect all people, and recognize that addiction seeks to...
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    If you've had Saturn transiting or progressed in the 3rd house

    Yes, it is possible that Saturn in the 3rd house eliminates friends for a while. Transiting (or progressed) Saturn in the 3rd house will impact one or more areas. It all depends on your life situation, and your natal chart e.g. aspects, your 3rd house, etc. Here are the general observations...
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    Perspectives on Transit Saturn square Sun

    Yes, we need to know the entire chart, especially the signs, the houses and the aspects. However, here are some general observations. Saturn can bring certain restrictions. He will show you (and others) your shortcomings. Some times you will feel that significant persons of authority try to...
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    Help with progressions

    Hi everyone. I will answer at least 5 questions in this blog, and kindly ask you to help me with my own chart (we are more objective when we examine other people's charts). Here is the issue: My progressed sun has entered the 8th natal house - and the progressed Pluto is approaching the...
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    Progressed planets entering 12th house

    Samantha, when you say you use the exact time each year of birth, you describe the annual Solar return chart. Correct? If yes, do you check the natal chart or the relocated - in case a person has immigrated? Thanks.