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    Algol during 2022

    You’re very welcome! It will affect you if you have natal placements and angles close to 26° Taurus. Look at the house in your chart where this degree lies for more details. I strongly recommend the following resources for learning more about Algol: “Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette...
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    Algol during 2022

    Algol was conjunct the transiting North Node at 26° Taurus on February 16, 2022 before the NN stationed retrograde. The NN is currently at 22° Taurus today, May 31.
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    New member intro: Jungian professional astrologer, lifelong student

    This is indeed a superb book too and I also recommend it. I have a whole page on my website devoted to free astrology book recs and there's a large psychological astrology section. This is in it, as are many of Liz Greene's.
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    New member intro: Jungian professional astrologer, lifelong student

    I do, and if you're a big fan of both I recommend it! I made a PDF of a portion (file sizes are limited here) of Amazon Kindle's free excerpt for you and will attempt to attach it. The Kindle version is about $10 less if that's an option. (Not ignoring your earlier questions - they're so good...
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    Saturn in houses

    It is possible, but the answer that's most accurate for you personally is so much more complex and individual than can be addressed the way the question is phrased. As far as house placement goes, I would say no, generally, Saturn in a house does not mean an automatic dislike for things that...
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    New member intro: Jungian professional astrologer, lifelong student

    Thank you for asking, Samantha. My process depends highly on the individual client, and I am partially through a MA but had to put it on hold when I almost died in 2017 and had to have 14 surgeries unexpectedly. Recovery was long and brutal but I’m okay now and intend to continue pursuing more...
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    Just moved in with narcisstic mother

    I'm so sorry - I have some personal experience with narcissists and hope very much that you are safe and have a good support system of friends and loved ones outside of your living environment. I see you have your Moon in Capricorn at 0 degrees (extremely powerful energy) conjunct Saturn in...
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    Past life progressions in Astrology

    That's a fascinating idea and has flickered through my mind briefly, but no, I haven't.
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    New member intro: Jungian professional astrologer, lifelong student

    Hi! I’m new here. My name is Elizabeth and my business name is Chrysopoeia Astrology. I’m a professional astrologer and have studied under the mentorship of a world renowned master professional astrologer/Jungian psychologist since I was 14. I studied psychology in college also though I chose...