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    I feel so alone and hopeless

    Your "home life" paragraph was much larger than your former one. This suggests to me that it's your family that is the main cause of how you are feeling, and with Neptune on the IC, this reiterates this. Neptune on the IC is where you felt invisible to the rest of your family, and you feel...
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    Are stationary planets more or less powerful?

    True! Jupiters posts can come across to some people as rather condescending, but if you are prepared to dig deeper through the bold blue text, they are actually informative posts.
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    Why do I attract a lot of Virgo males?

    You attract a lot of Virgos because Virgo is the opposite sign to your 5th house Pisces, it's as simple as that. Because your 5th ruler is Pisces, Virgo's are here to teach you about not being so self-centered and being a part of a service to help others rather than one self and to not be...
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    Will there be a romantic relationship?

    Unfortunately, it's not going to go anywhere and there will be a separation soon which will be initiated by yourself due to a lack of progression. I'm giving this to happen in a two-week/month time frame.
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    Depression in my chart

    Your Mercury square Mars aspect is active right now, with Mercury afflicted by Mars in your 6th house. This looks like you currently have a tendency to be super sensitive to others, which then, in turn, affects your own health. The Mars affliction will cause you extreme mental and physical...
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    Venus and Mars ingress into Aquarius

    The Moon is currently transiting Aries and will, by a fraction, miss the square to Mars and Venus in Capricorn, but will then square Mars and Venus at 0° Aquarius (air signs). Aquarius is a group and humanitarian sign. I'm thinking this indicates the nation will come together and not sit on the...
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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    With his activated Sun in fall in the 12th, this is making him even worse with regards to wanting "attention" and trying as hard as he can to prove himself. I mean if only his Sun was in detriment in Aquarius, he wouldn't be so inclined to prove himself and be going to extremes to do this...
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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    With his 3rd ruler, Saturn exalted and in a tight square to Uranus, the major mental ruler, there are signs of insanity. Especially as Mercury/Neptune also forms a square with Uranus. Mercury will become his next time lord, revealing his insane nature and making him even more destructive, with...
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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    Scorpio's eyes have the deep dead glare, I wouldn't really refer to it as excitement. Maybe, Derek, had a planet aspecting his Asc to give him the "excitement" factor? Putin has just the Moon by inconjunct aspecting his ASC, which is also a Scorpio aspect , with it being a full phase inconjunct...
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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    But as i said, it would then change his current profection sign, which then wouldn't make sense with regards to his current profection. His terrible problem is having 4 fixed angles, with an exalted Pluto on the MC, Lilith exactly conjunct the MC, his activated MC square Pluto/Node, and also...
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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    Have you not seen his eyes? He's for sure a Scorpio rising. And if he was a Libra rising that would put him currently in a Cancer profection, which doesn't make sense with his current persona he's playing out, just like ive mentioned in my previous post.
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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    He's currently in his 10th house profection, which has activated his Leo MC/Pluto/SN, and also Lilith is exactly conjunct his MC. Albeit his 10th ruler is in his 12th house. His MC is square his Pluto/NN midpoint, which means an aim of success through brutal force. Pluto/MC also squares his...
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    Deleted as I've just remembered i don't think you can share things on here
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    All square 'pootins' natal Arabic lot of assassination, which falls at 27°Libra. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, but i have other info too, that suggests this.
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    Hi guys, i hope you're all okay. I've set up a Twitter account in the past year or so and have been doing readings for people. Ever since I've been around here I've learned so much more in the process, my book collection is ever-growing. This site was where i first came to learn about...