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  • Yes...but still found nothing.

    I'll try looking at something birth of children.
    The rectification did not give any useful result, Charm...For example...I tried it on the date of my marriage, and it came up with no indicators at all.
    thank-you. i suppose i am. i think that you know, looks aren't everything, so it's a blessing in some respects, but also curse in some other ways, only because people assume things about you. My favorite movie with Johnny Depp had to be Edward Scissors Hands, or maybe Finding Neverland. What are yours?
    Yeah I like that actress too. She is very pretty. So thanks for saying so. :) I've been told I look like her, with a combination of Ellen Paige, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Keira Knightley. Just watched pirates of the carribbean last night so, kind of funny to remark on this now. Ever seen those movies? Love Jonnhy Depp's character portrayal!
    That is actress Kristen Stewart, who portrays Bella in the Twilight Vampire Movies. She is the human among Vampires. I think that the solar plexus chakra is helping, makes me a little nervous to do my own past baggage but I'm working through it. i wonder what else i should be focusing on. but staying strong in myself seems like a great option, choice to make. :) as for the conversation boxes, if you click on view conversation on the bottom right, you can see just our conversation and the back and forth on the page, and respond there. helps a lot!
    awww that's not a photo of me actually. but i've been told i look a whole lot like her, so there you go! the avatar changes are so that i feel safe. :) right now I have the solar plexus chakra up behind it because I'm trying to strengthen my presence and feel powerful, in my own right, ideally without stepping on anyone's toes. :) i'll be sure to take a look at your wordpress page. is there any chakra that is good if you want to feel balanced, whole and real? I had an interesting experience when I put up the root chakra. Maybe I should do that again?
    I'm ok, Charm...Hope you are too.

    I'm enjoying the Kepler program, but have tried rectification only once......and without any success.
    i find that peculiar- that no one would be interested in discussing this. the potential is exquisite. I've taken a moment to change my profile picture to the chakra I believe to be associated with Cancer based on your exceptional Thelma Mundi picture.
    hi charmvirgo. yes i do see this profile picture of mine an important reminder for me as i do my own spiritual work (chakra systems cleansing), here on the forums, and elsewhere. it is very important that i speak clearly, communicate my thoughts without undue struggle or negative consequence, and remind myself that i always have something important to say. thanks for noticing. i see these matters of an interest to you as well, what kind of work to do you with them, if you don't mind my asking?
    Those are really neat the Planet Mandalas. Looks like spirographing. Things we had to play with as kids. Really neat though for certain.
    Hey Charm, You have nice graphics on here! I like those star comparisons Did you know that the star Antares' magnetism is estimated to be 10,000 trillion times stronger than our own Sun?.. should be, look at the size differences!! Those are really cool graphics..take care
    Thanks, charm. I've been okay, for the most part. Haven't been here in a while. I will PM you if I feel the need though. =]
    Charm I love those pictures!!! Thanks! Can I make that second one my avatar? I love it to pieces! My Aunt had a dapple grey Appaloosa and she was gorgeous. That picture reminds me of her!
    happy birthday honey!!! hope its amazing!
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