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    What are the best remedies in astrology that work surprisingly?

    Remedies in astrology: my google search has taken me to the thread's subject: astrology as a means to heal, uplift and strengthen anyone following a horoscope forecast for a future period of time, and overall, the course of their lives (i.e. natal charts)...
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    Random Political Chat

    Biden and Trump equally unpopular with most Americans: It's deja-vu when Bill Clinton was president after Bush Sr in 1994, and Obama after Bush Jr in 2010 (split equally among Dems and GOP). Tough times they were. My state CA went through this with governor Pete Wilson after Deukmejian in 1990...
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    Random Thoughts, Astrological Only

    The "Super" Full Moon conjunct Jupiter and Saturn this year this weekend (I will take extra caution when it's in my natal moon and sun sign, both in my 8th house).
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    Famous Aquarians

    David Cornsilk (Feb 10, 1959) had a scientific background as I expect with an Aquarius sun (cusp Pisces-Aries moon, he was labeled a radical "kook" in his community in the 1990s-2000s), a former Cherokee Nation and United Keetoowah Band genealogist, a quarter of a century ago in the summer of...
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    News Astrology and Mundane Events

    Is it true Trump's Saturn in 11th describes him as a player, womanizer, or polyamorous while he's in marriage 3 times? The current placement of 2022 Saturn is in Aquarius, oddly the ruler of the 11th (Aquarius), and just today: the FBI raid in his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Palm Beach County, FL to...
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    News Astrology and Mundane Events (the astrology of race, racism and race relations, a political not natural construct). The theory of the 4 root races in humanity of ancient Earth according to astrology: the Atlantic European white North ruled by Aries (fire)...
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    Playlist of the Week(music)

    One of the songs of the Zodiac cosmic sounds: here's one of Cancer - the Moonchild, it is trippy from the summers of love of the late 1960s.
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    News Astrology and Mundane Events

    Or the whole union disintegrates into new nations, starting with the territories, Alaska and Hawaii, and the southern and western halves of the country. Has anyone heard of the "Sleeping Phoenix" to occur in 2027 which is 5 years from now? It's called an incarnation cross in astrology...
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    News Astrology and Mundane Events

    According to the vid, tonight's conjunction is exact, the first time in over 2,300 years! Keep our heads up on what else could possibly happen this week.
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    Is Astrologyweekly a time capsule?

    Going back in time to 2005 before I joined the forum on New Years week 2012, there are plenty of message boards going back to 2000 and earlier, I've read a few still online (and less active) I was a member of in the mid and late 2000s along with early and mid 2010s (to have more frequent...
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    Random MUNDANE ASTROLOGY Thoughts - Pictorial Images Welcome As Well As Text

    Back on the 1st night of May, the Moon conjunct Venus and Jupiter about to become "one star" before sunrise, and you still can view Mars (conjunct Uranus requires a telescope), Saturn and Mercury at the morning dawn (tonight's conjunction in the sign Aquarius).
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    Random MUNDANE ASTROLOGY Thoughts - Pictorial Images Welcome As Well As Text

    Some astrologers associate this conjunction with violence, tragedy and trauma: Mars (of death), Uranus (of disaster) and North Node (is it the true node this time?), and I'm keeping an eye on current events when Biden of the USA vs Xi of China over Taiwan threatened by China has US backing.
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    Is monkeypox real?

    The world has accepted COVID-19 a normal disease in the last 2.5 years...we're gonna get used to Monkeypox in the next 2.5 years, epidemiologists said Monkeypox is a more controllable, preventable and treatable disease when we long fought and eradicated it's cousin Smallpox in the early 1980s.
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    last video you watched?

    My Eros conjunct Venus and MC in 1-9' range Aries, but there's a presence of Eris in 22' and Ceres in 14' (or vice versa?) in Aries. (yes, that was me on the comments, hopefully I didn't get a shadow ban on my IP, random bots are a problem on YT).
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    News Astrology and Mundane Events

    The last time the particular peculiar articulate conjunction occurred was in 1855: in 5 years, the US broke out into a civil war for 5 years (1860-65). We're entering an equally tense period...