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  • My non-revealing message response since your inboxx is full.:

    Okay. There’s a lot of planets doing the retro-direct hanky panky.
    I haven't been on for a couple months. I might jump on next weekend because I'm busy this weekend and you people can get too charming
    I was not too long ago discriminated for sharing my beliefs on this forum. Isn't this forum the land of the free? Or am I mistaking this for reddit? :)
    Omg!!! I just want to thank all my fans for believing in me :'(

    GO PARROT!!!!

    Heyyyy, girlllll

    Team work, makes the dream work :lol:
    Capricorn: The rocky, barren landscape of the highest mountain range is often inhospitable to life, including simple organisms like bacteria, archae and fungi. The rams must eke out food for their survival.
    I told her I didn't want to do it during this retrograde lol and she wants to make it a double, so we have to plan ahead for her & her hubby's work schedule. Right now, we're considering a date where the Moon is in Cancer and another where the moon is in Libra. The guy is a solar Cancer & venusian Cancer, whereas I'm a lunar Libra and my venus is in Libra, so I would think those dates would work well. I've never paid attention to the moon's sign (bc it changes so much), but now I'm super curious as it how much it can affect.
    Hey! Have you ever looked up planetary transits before setting up a date? My cousin is setting up a blind date between me and her friend, and I'm making sure we avoid picking a day when the moon isn't VoC lol
    You should contact an administrator and ask for a special exception, or to maybe forward your message to her.
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