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  • I m 27 yrs old guy still dont have the job which i want. I m preparing for indian civil services exams ,gave 2 attempts but did not succeed ,2 attempts are left..should i try this field or shd i leave this and try in any other area.actually i m trying for an respectful govt job thats it.but i dont know its getting 22222 late..
    From last year i m continously thinking 2 die ,to hang up my self
    date of birth-18/04/1984
    place-lucknow india
    time 11:15 am ist
    hi bubuza, we don't know each other, I have just found youself by searching on google... I am 20 years old, italian, I was totally struck with your description of lilith and desc. conjunct mars... (sorry for my english)

    I have the same problem with men! my lilith is on desc. conjunct uranus, square moon, opposite sun.... I disgust men without courage, and treat them very badly... I haven't an ideal man, because my father is very distant from me...

    please.. could you give me an hand to understand my problems?
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