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    which house would represent a Lotto win?

    Hello. I think my comment was deleted and I was talking about an horary chart.
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    Will I be able to pay my rent?

    My question was along the lines of if I’ll have enough money in time for rent without needing to ask help from my family. I recently became a full time artist but am also looking for other ways to make money. I’ve been stressing and wondering if I will be able to have enough income to pay my...
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    Will my business be successful?

    Thank you and honestly this resonates. I feel like it’s coming soon but not yet! Not this second but also sooner than I realize. I actually have been pretty good with commissions but I have two right now that will help me pay rent and just finished one Monday! So I feel like I need to set myself...
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    Will my business be successful?

    Wow I said reversed lmao! I meant retrograde.
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    Will my business be successful?

    I want to quit my job and do art full time. Was curious if it showed any success in that? I don’t see anything necessarily bad but the Venus which is ruler of the 10th in this chart is in reversed I don’t know if that represents me wanting to start something new with what I want to do for work...
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    Validity of a chart when asking the same question twice

    So I actually originally posted this under the horary health thread but I guess it’s not necessarily a question just about health and I don’t know how to delete the other one I posted I’m new sorry but anywho... So I had a medical question I was very concerned about and so I casted my own chart...
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    Validity of a chart if asking the same question twice

    So I had a medical question I was very concerned about and so I casted my own chart and when I looked at the chart I felt it seemed to point to poor health amongst other negative things but I am far too new with horary to actually know if what I was reading was accurate. SO...two or so days...
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    Will I pass my STD testing

    I am next week! I’m just having anxiety about it.
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    Will I pass my STD testing

    I am serious having anxiety. Dumb decision on my part and have learned my lesson because I don’t ever want to be worried like this again!! Side note: I DO get bacterial infections every so often which is a normal thing many people can get. And they do sometimes test for that additionally...
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    Horary Chart STD's

    I am so glad things worked out for you! I am in so much need of help for the very exact same concern. What should I look for any help would be so greatly appreciated!
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    South Node conjunct Venus in synastry but not composite?

    Firstly, random question, do you look to True node or mean Node in synastry? Secondly my bf and I have South Node conjunct venus in synastry but it’s not aspected at all in composite not Davison. I know it says South node person usually out grows the Venus type energy of the other person but...
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    NN square Venus in synastry but NN conjunct Venus in composite?

    Thanks! I think I’m understanding a little better. Another thing I’ve looked into is Mean node and True node and which to use for synastry/composite. I notice his NN squares my Venus for the mean nodes but does not aspect it at all for the True nodes. Does this mean anything different? Or at...
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    NN square Venus in synastry but NN conjunct Venus in composite?

    Yea I’ve kinda started to think that every connection to an individual you have is so different from anybody else there is no “for sure” end or forever. Because like you say, looking at the Natals, certain aspects work for people In synastry that wouldn’t work in others. The last guy I was with...
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    NN square Venus in synastry but NN conjunct Venus in composite?

    Also no NN/Venus connections in the Davison chart. I’m confused by these for a few reasons. One I read that NN squares Venus is a dated relationship that is not meant to last (inevitably) however many people will also tell you synastry is not about an inevitable outcome but rather just shows how...
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    Does he actually love me?

    Dang it! I wonder how people get it to work. I can tell you a little info if it’s not too much. If it is I understand! Me: March 19 1994 , Fairfield CA, 5:25pm Him: Sept 7 1991, San Jose CA, 5:39 am Maybe a link to the pdf extended stuff...