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    Any signs of marriage?

    How interesting. Yes it is a serious question. Rightly indicated moon confusion with the sudden start & jumps. No romance yet but can watch for signs. Will the transits last a few months ? Thank you.
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    Any signs of marriage?

    There is an ongoing relationship looking to be formalised or ended. Any indication of marriage this year?
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    Do you have Saturn in 7th? Are we doomed in love?

    I can vouch that saturn in 7th is disaster for relationships- single coming near the end of 30s. I take all relationships seriously even friendships & end up being used. There is no "popularity" either contrary to an above comment. It has been said that this placement allows one to work in large...
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    Am I getting married?

    This is the first time I used horary or usually stick to natal charts so your responses are very interesting. Almohsin- Sorry I don't know how to change timing- the time of the question was possibly half an hour later than when I thought of asking. Tsmall- It was through a professional...
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    Am I getting married?

    It is nice to see you too Ilene. I am hoping for the best. *fingers crossed* Hope this works.
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    Am I getting married?

    There is a potential person and we are both nervous. I thought of using Horary to test the situation.
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    Differentiation of aspect based decisions?

    It makes sense that Pluto is urging a change as there is a sense of compulsion and resistance. Neptune for the confusion. Thanks for sorting it out.
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    Differentiation of aspect based decisions?

    How do you know if there are multiple transits occurring (esp long term) that the decision you are taking is based on which one? E.g I have Jupiter trine Jupiter till February 2022 while also a background pluto sq pluto and Neptune sq Neptune... if I make a bold decision to change my life yet in...
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    Will I soon become a mother?

    There is the Node passing through 7th house- usually there is a urge for marriage.Node passing into the 8th would indicate pregnancy perhaps, possibly in 1.5years.
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    I was fired today and I´m not sure which job is right for me. Please share if you hav

    Those with a Leo MC often find fulfillment it careers, that in one way or another, put them in front of an audience and allow them to display their creative talents. Performing Arts Advertising, marketing, and sales Motivational speaker Teacher Personal fitness trainer Organization leader...
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    Is Numerology and Astrology Related?

    I don't know the history of either subjects but they are definitely well studied and ancient. Is there a direct connect between the 2? In my knowledge there isn't because Numerology works with numbers for people and events. I personally don't find the depth in it as there is in astrology but as...
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    Neptune Sq Neptune transit 20 years

    Interesting post on Neptune: “Upon Pondering” by Brooke Shaden via Head in the clouds. Wandering around, dazed and confused. Well-known potheads. Lack of career direction. Wanting a career that is glamorous and frees you from everyday responsibilities. Dreams of being an actor...
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    Relocation and Citizenship query

    Thank you Cypocryphy and Virinchi. I wouldn't have done this without you. 🤞
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    Relocation and Citizenship query

    This is very timely as I am already several days behind confirming acceptance of this offer. The dice will be rolled tonight. The official move will be in mid-July 2021. I'm sharing the following info to validate your points. The dates you mentioned seem to be close to expected...