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    comparing sun conjunct moon vs. sun trine venus

    i disagree. my current love's sun is conjunct my moon and though we are lovers, first and foremost we are friends. as this is happening in scorpio, there's nothing superficial about it. i also have another very special friend whose sun is conjunct my moon. personally, i love this aspect in...
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    comparing sun conjunct moon vs. sun trine venus

    definitely sun conjunct moon (in a male/female love r'ship) though that trine would be a lovely bonus :)
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    How to Recognize Physical Beauty

    erm... a lot of these 'beautiful' people have had plastic surgery...
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    Difficult natal & transits-healing please.

    here's the chart with transits:
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    Solar Arc Directions

    in my case, SA directions are pretty accurate. though the catch with solar arcs is that you need to have an accurate birth time as the angles are extremely important.
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    Solar Arc Directions

    i have only been using solar arcs for a few months, so i'm a newbie when it comes to them. i use an orb of half a degree applying and half a degree separating. and only these hard aspects: conjunction, square, opposition, semisquare, sesquiquadrate. an excellent source of information is noel...
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    Anyone going through transit Pluto opposition natal Sun?

    yes. i'm going through it as well. it's been awful. everything seems to have been stripped away. i sometimes don't know who i am anymore. many feelings of being powerless. really trying to go with the flow here, because i tried to fight it and it doesn't work. good luck!
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    North node connections in relashionship synastry, relevant?

    they are very, very relevant as the north node is your soul purposes. also, (hard) aspects to the south node are an important indicator of past life connections. very karmic.
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    A career in psychological astrology: could I / should I make the shift?

    MC in sag is a very restless position (i have it too), couple that with uranus conjunct it and there you have a somebody who wants to do something very unique but can change her mind about things, or is 'destined' to do different things in life. with such a loaded 8th house, i can see your...
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    importance of transit to progressions

    a few months ago, i started studying solar arcs. they are very revealing and definitely worth looking at. thing is, though... you need to have a very precise birth time, or get your chart rectified/verified (i had this done).
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    Pluto Transits

    i had pluto transiting my moon as a teenager. it was horrific. pluto has now been opposing my sun for a while and will be doing so for a little longer. i seriously feel like everything is being stripped away from me. i am not who i thought i was and i am not even sure who i am now and let's not...
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    Dark night of the soul - companions or a solitary path?

    wow, lazarusx, i can so relate to your post. your name looked familiar to me and i looked up your chart and then i remembered, we share the same birthday (but not year). you also are dealing with t. pluto opposing your sun, and this will go on for a while. what you describe is also very...
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    Dark night of the soul - companions or a solitary path?

    it all sounds so deeply plutonian... pluto sq. pluto.
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    Which Moon Sign is the most Sensitive and Destructive?

    i am very scorpionic. i feel more of a scorpio than a cancer, that's for sure. an unaspected moon... yes, you technically do have one as it makes no aspects to other planets (the orbs in the chart you posted are just too wide. it technically does not trine your sun and your AC) and it being...
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    Which Moon Sign is the most Sensitive and Destructive?

    errr yeah. it certainly does not help. i see we have the same moon - in the same degree. we just had saturn conjuncting it and it's making its way back. :andy: