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    new member

    Thanks! I'm coming up on my Pluto square, so I'm buckling up for this ride! I'm looking forward to browsing the collective messages threads for ALL THE KNOWLEDGE!
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    Unveiling the mysteries of the 4th house

    I have a 0º sag IC with stellium (sun/uranus/mercury/venus/neptune). I had a pretty odd upbringing.. I wouldn't call it normal, but it was definitely interesting. A friend of mine said that I'm constantly looking for home because home seems to be everywhere. I am the person that will go right...
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    natal chart

    Intercepted 3/9 in Scorpio/Taurus. Im not sure about my Taurus Chiron opposite Scorpio Jupiter. When reading about Chiron opposite Jupiter, the article said the benefits of Jupiter don't come without some sort of mishap? Any insights to that? My 3rd house starts off with libra Saturn/Pluto...
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    Hi! My name is Alexis! I felt that I could only read so many blog articles before I needed to find a source where I could ask questions and get answers. I am mercury dominant so I am constantly looking for information. I grew up with astrology, but it took a reading regarding my Saturn return...