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  • hi! i haven't you here in awhile, a lot of warm feeling for you beulah. that salad does look delicious, i think you got it with what's in there... i think some sesame seeds in there too... mmm yummy!
    LOL! How did you know what kind of things I like to eat?! That salad looks delicious!
    Let me see: Cucumber, red cabbage, yellow and green peppers, and lettuce?
    cool! sounds good. you know what else sounds good:

    Hey Beulah,

    There are two choices you can make here. You can either, do what I would do, and simply ask the original posters (OPs) if you may take their postings to use for your own learning. It's quite simple and respectful, and quite easy for you, which is an important point, right? ;) Anyway, if you're really worried, you could ask the moderators, they should be able to come to a decision on these matters :)
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