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    Why Won't Anybody Hire Me?

    I agree with bitter moon (and I'm in the exact same position but in marketing, not engineering or journalism). I actually went into the HQs of two big corps that sent rejection emails to me, just to get some face time and ask honestly what their feedback was - like you said, Spacefruit, the...
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    Same Sign on Cusp of 1st & 12th Houses - Is There Any Special Meaning to This?

    Thanks for taking a look at my thread! I'm still an astro newb and would love some input on having the same sign (Libra) on the cusp of both my 1st and 12th house. The explanations for each cusp separately contradict each other. Also, if anyone has tips for reading a chart more cohesively...
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    First forum post!

    Hi AstroWeekly community! I'm still an astro newb but totally excited dot start chatting and learning more from everyone. I'm going to upload my chart in the 'Read My Chart' section - if anyone has time, I'd sooo love to hear your thoughts! Peace, BeckyG Sun ~ :cancer: Rising~ :libra: Moon ~...