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    What aspects can indicate older/mature/strict parents?

    i have Saturn in the 4th, but from my personal experience it does not necessarily mean that the parents are older / strict / conservative. I come from an Asian background and was not subjected to the stereotypical "tiger parenting", but there were other issues involving neglect and abuse and I...
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    Can aspects offset a Moon placed in domicile or exaltation?

    My abusive father, whom I've cut all ties with, has Sun and Moon in Taurus. Taurus is the moon in exaltation, and it would usually be considered an excellent placement for the moon. Moon in Taurus, on its own, usually suggests traits such as loyalty, stability, and amicability. It usually...
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    A lot of inconjunctions to my midheaven

    My Midheaven's at 0.52 degrees Libra. It's squared by my Mercury (2.18 Cancer), opposed by my Saturn (7.12 Aries), trined by Uranus (3.27 Aquarius) and Neptune (26.46 Capricorn), and sextiled by Pluto (0.42 Sagittarius). Just the square from Mercury and opposition from Saturn has made things...
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    Is Pluto misunderstood?

    ^^ Lol it's alright I don't mean to offend any of you here. Well as for my mom, yes I do believe that deep down she has an inflated ego. She alternates between being extremely insecure and unsure of herself (though she'll never admit it) and feeling like she's queen of the whole galaxy. She's...
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    Is Pluto misunderstood?

    I have mostly made peace with the fact that I'll never be able to receive the motherly love and support I deserve from her because she's too dysfunctional of a person to be able to give and receive love like someone who's much healthier and more functional. What she fails to realize is that...
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    Is Pluto misunderstood?

    Farewell, Flower from Hades. For you were given such a great power that you could not control, nor did you choose to leave the dark and step into the light. The anguish, pain, and destruction you've brought to me and my loved ones, we did not deserve. Maybe the world above was never meant for...
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    How much sun sign are you?

    I've heard theories that if you were born at night your moon sign might have more influence than your sun sign. Not sure how true that is.
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    what's an indicator of low intelligence in a chart?

    I used to believe that a lack of Air in the personal planets=a lack of intellect and academic ability, but there are two very notable exceptions in my life. I've heard that a lack of an element can mean that the native struggles in the areas of life associated with that element, or it could also...
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    Is Pluto misunderstood?

    I don't know when these patterns began, but what I can say is the relationship between my mom, my uncle (her younger brother), and their mom is a very difficult and tense relationship where...... each of them is playing their own game. It's no secret my mom and my uncle don't get along and it's...
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    Please help me gain insights into my mom's very complicated chart?

    Well I have Chiron in Libra in House X and what I can say is anything related to the public, to career and social standing and socializing is a difficult area of life for me. And I think I've made peace with it, I accept it won't be my source of happiness so well, I can find happiness in the...
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    Is Pluto misunderstood?

    In response to what you've posted in the thread I made specifically about my mom, if we consider minor aspects then my Sun at 11.45 degrees Cancer is quincunx my Moon at 13.55 degrees Aquarius. Apart from that, however, I do not have Uranus contacts with any of my personal planets and I don't...
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    Is Pluto misunderstood?

    No. In my early years I was conditioned into believing it was normal, it wasn't until a very close and dear friend and older mentor of mine started helping me see the dysfunctional patterns. Also, through my own research, I found that my mom and the relatives on her side had been / have been...
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    How important is the "orb value" in a chart?

    I don't know if I am using reasonable orbs, but here's what I think: Conjunction: 9.5 degrees Opposition: 9.5 degrees Square: 8.5 degrees Trine: 7 degrees Sextile: 5 degrees
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    Please help me gain insights into my mom's very complicated chart?

    Wow your analysis furthers my belief that there is a devil in her. She is among the people that have left me with a negative impression of Pluto, probably 8th house as well. If you read my replies in another thread titled "is Pluto misunderstood?" you'll find out more about why I am so averse to...
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    Does a chart with more aspects mean a more varied and complex life and personality?

    That's about the wisest thing I've read today. You know? Now that you've brought it up, I have, at times, actually thought about how to find peace and simplicity in this ever-changing and increasingly complex world, how to stay true to oneself and to others, and how to pass on this wisdom, no...