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    How will my new job be?

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    Is he going to like the work?

    Lol I’m not surprised with no response on this question. This forum can’t get over love horary’s…lol
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    Is he going to like the work?

    So I have heard that we may get a new boss soon. I like my former boss, but since he left, the supervisor we got aligned too, doesn't really care much about me or my team. I wanted to check if he is going to like my work? While he joins next month, my team will only get aligned to him in March...
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    Will I have a new relationship this month?

    I converted your chart to Regiomontanus. There could be some fling but not a relationship. Uranus in the first does show your transformation though.
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    I told you dream

    Great..good for him. thanks
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    Read My Chart

    I have jupiter in my 3rd house but it is combust, plus a stellium with moon, uranus, South Absolute full on party of planets in 3rd. Pluto, Venus and Saturn, a full house again in the 2nd. Combust Jupiter, ruling 7th did give me a fat partner (Jupiter is indeed expansion lol), but not...
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    I told you dream

    Thank you! don't think I am going to communicate with him. He has turned into a very bitter person, so nothing between us :-)
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    I told you dream

    Thank you! I’m referring to the Ascendant/Jupiter as the house for his spouse., as the question revolves around him being happy in his marriage. And that was the reason to include asteroids Juno andAmor. I definitely have no interest or intention of reaching out to him. We don’t see eye to eye...
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    I told you dream

    Maybe I should do a horary on when this post will get a
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    I told you dream

    I saw a dream in which my ex came to me and said how he has married the wrong woman. It was strange seeing him in my dream as it has been almost 1.5 years that we have not spoken. Anyway, my response to him in the dream was "I told you, this won't go right for you"? I do hope he is well and...
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    When will he give me Feedback if we will be together and how will be his question

    Why is he Mercury? Unless I’m missing something here. In my humble opinion if a guy has to think about getting into a relationship, then you may want to reconsider being with him.
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    Will I pass my driving test?

    I have booked my driving test, and intend to pass it. However I get nervous and anxious pretty soon, and especially with an examiner sitting with me in the car, I am sure, my anxiety will be through the roof. So I asked if I will pass my driving test in first attempt. Gotto go pick my son up, be...
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    Mercury in 4 th house

    I know of 3 people including myself who have this (none Aries ascendant), where mercury sits in the 4th house Mercury in 4th can definitely give you 2 houses, maybe a mother-like person present in your life. Also dual professions. Good education, yes indeed, but nothing else from mother's side...
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    Will we have a relationship?

    The answer is Yes, but a turbulent one.
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    New job opportunities till and after 31/08/2021?

    Hi Sorrowful, I think something may come your way in 7weeks or 7 months.