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    Solar return - 7th house stellium

    I have Jupiter Mercury and Neptune in the 7th house this year. Is this pointing to a new relationship? I am a bit worried about Neptune, I don't want to be deceived. Solar Return Venus is also conjunct natal Descendant. It is my Virgo Protection year so Mercury is my time lord as well. In my...
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    heavy 12th house in solar return chart

    I am not good at reading solar return chart yet, still learning. But in my 2020 solar return chart I had 4 planets in the 12th house. It was one of the most difficult years I had. Tbh, it was the worst. You will definitely feel isolated if nothing else. Try to stay calm, try meditating and yoga...
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    Are we going to end up together?

    Uranus rules Aquarius which is intercepted in the 3rd. I did call him some time ago and he didn't respond. I thought he ghosted me. So I thought that it was over (Jupiter) but then we met on an event by chance and he wanted to spend time with me. When I confronted him it turned out that he had...
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    Are we going to end up together?

    One more question, the moon is translating light from Jupiter but actually after Jupiter it made a sextile with Uranus which is also separating. Should I count both aspects or only the last one? I know that most people don't use the outer planets in horary but I have personally found them to be...
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    Are we going to end up together?

    Oh yeah. I got confused by the ruler of 4th. Thank you!
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    Are we going to end up together?

    But we are in the 2nd house and the Moon is in the 8th? Am I missing something? Sorry, I am still struggling with honorary.
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    Are we going to end up together?

    Been on and off with this guy. I really like him but I know that he is going trough some stuff. Are we going to be in a healthy committed relationship or should I move on? Mars and Venus are about to conjunct in Mars exhalation. I like him as but he doesn't like me? Does that mean that I will...
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    what do they think of me cutting them off

    He is Moon in the 3rd sextiling Saturn(you). So he is thinking about contacting you but he can't as Aries is intercepted. (you did say you blocked him) Him being in your fall, I don't think he likes you at all. You being Saturn in domicile, you don't care about him that much either.
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    Why did he ghost me?

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    Will I get the house (inheritance)?

    I thought that inheritance was supposed to be the 8th house? As I said, I grew up in that house, and it was promised to me. I lived 6 years abroad for study and work. Now with the pandemic, I am back home, and I plan to stay for good. The house is rightfully mine. My uncle has inherited over 10...
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    Will I get the house (inheritance)?

    Well, I want the house now. I can stay at my parents place for a couple of months but I want to have my own place and I find it unfair that he is getting everything and my grandparents and parents are tolerating him. At the same time they are ill and old and me and my mom are taking care of...
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    Will I get the house (inheritance)?

    Long story short, my maternal grandparents are quite wealthy. My mom is quite hardworking and is paid well. Her brother is lazy and has never worked in his life (living a hedonistic playboy life). My grandparents left all their property to their son, leaving my mother without any inheritance as...
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    Moon conjunct partner's stellium

    My Virgo moon, which is Unaspected in my natal cart, is aspecting the guy that I am seeing stellium. He is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Lilith and North node in virgo, they are all conjuncting each other and my Moon. Who feels it the most? Does he feel my moon there?
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    What are is feelings towards me?

    Hi there. Just a quick update. He said that he isn't looking for a relationship atm. We still meet from time to time because of mutual friends/acquaintances. He is always quite nice and talks to me a lot. He even invited me to his birthday party. Recently he confided in me that he is...